Mind pandemics

Most people are familiar with virus pandemic but are not aware of the fact that “mind pandemics” are just as much real and can cause just as much death as the virus kind.

Viral kitten videos
We all know when a video goes viral on social media, it is a form of pandemic spreading through the eyes first and minds after, and it copies itself over social media until most people have been exposed to it.
In the social media case the viral event itself spread fast but it usually consumes itself quickly. Once seen it once or twice you are immunized and you can go about your business relatively soon. It has no long term consequences on your health or wealth, it was something in the order of magnitude of a single isolated case of sneezing or cough fit so to speak.

Life threatening mind pandemics
Thought or mind pandemics on the other end can have far deeper consequences to society than a viral video of kittens. It can have long lasting consequences in both loss of human lives or loss of wealth by either reduced capability to work or by outright destruction of infrastructures and facilities.

Thought pandemics also follow a Susceptible, Infectious, or Revcovered (SIR) model similar to the viral disease pandemics. This model is the balancing act of a disease spreading through a population and a counterbalancing act of population eventually getting immune either because most of the population has recovered from the disease AND because some elements have succumbed to the disease itself.

Sooner or later the disease disappears, either because it has extinguished itself (true for very fast spreading and lethal diseases such as Ebola) or it has loss its original potency and it has become endemic like the seasonal flu, which is something mild and bearable for the host without jeopardizing the capability of the milder virus to “live forever” by co-habiting almost-peacefully with its host.

An example of mind pandemic from our recent history is the spread of national socialist doctrines spread by Hitler and Mussolini first, and the Marxist-Leninist doctrines mutated into Stalinism later.

The speeches of these populist leaders were the so called spike protein through which the minds of millions of people got infected with the ideal of a modern and prosperous society.

These mind pandemics or thought pandemics eventually induced some kind of violent auto-immune response within the host societal organism which caused the death of many people (cells) and highly debilitate the organism (society) to the point it took decades for certain nations to heal the tissue scar (damage to economy and infrastructures, loss of productivity, loss of human capital). But why this violent auto-immune reaction?

As discussed in a previous post, human actions are mostly dictated by genetic convenience, we will adopt those behaviors which helps us and our offspring thrive and we will avoid or censure those behaviors which disrupt our lives and prevent us from reliably and efficiently thrive and ultimately breed.

In this respect a plethora of egoistic and altruistic behaviors intertwine within what we call an acceptable social behavior advantageous to all members of said society at least in averaged long term.

Of course the devil is in the details and a Cain genetic behavior is also part of our subconscious social mind.
This is an ancient behavioral pattern, some sort of violent autarkic ruler which will dig himself up by digging everybody around himself down. Cain type behavior is common in unstable societies where the societal foundations and the safety net of cooperative type rules have been swiftly and unpredictably disarrayed by catastrophic events such as famines, floods, fires, pandemics, etc.
Ultimately also the Cain gene is trying to survive and copy himself over, and when pushed against a wall it will resort to cannibalize the others around him in order to get to live another day (and possibly breed the next one!).

The spread of mind pandemics and ensuing cainistic behaviors can be enhanced by various factors such as overall level of schoolarization and wisdom of a population sample (smarter people are somewhat harder to radicalize). Another factor is indeed excess inequality causing larger swat of population to feel like pushed against a wall with little to no options available to fairly reach wellness and prosperity for them and their family.
This and other factors prepare the stage for mind pandemics to take hold and provide a narrative for the revolutionary acts to come.

In the case of national socialism, the cainistc narrative created a polarized dualism between the pure race and the Jews (later extended to black people, gay people, gypsies, then rest of the world). Ultimately it escalated to a full flagged WWII.

This mind pandemic caused many of the host minds to die on the battlefields, not before killing also other healthy minds and bodies which either rejected the arian narrative or were simply trying to make a peaceful living.

The infected minds which were on the losing side of the war eventually had to live with the mental scar of guilt and feeling fooled by a foolish narrative: What was I thinking? What were WE thinking?

Stalinism was also a mind pandemic for the Russian society, it caused millions of innocent people to be sent to rot their life away in concentration camps (remember the Gulag archipelago?). All these people could have been writer, scientist, artists, toymakers, builders, mechanics. All these people could have stayed home and built a better Russia for them and their children, instead all these generations were lost to an ideology, to a mind pandemic of wellness at hand if only we, the righteous ones, could rid ourselves from the social scum.

Eventually this regime came to an end around 1989 after a revolutionary wave, in line with the genetic etiquette of thriving is better than NOT thriving as compared to the rest of civilized nations where the communist party is NOT in power.
This mind pandemic took decades to resolve itself with social scars and damages possibly even greater than the ones of WWII.

21st century mind pandemics
The mind pandemics of today are also fueled by a mixture of ignorance and inequality, they only need a narrative to start infecting the minds of people, then violent cainistic behaviors will explode rather quickly.

One mind pandemic in line with the Covid pandemic is the myth of safety at all cost.
Stay safe, be safe, stay home. We all sung that song and danced that dance.

Eventually some people moved on from that mind narrative in the sense that their priorities are to provide material and mental stability to their families (the thrive side of the eugenetic laws).

Those who healed from the mind pandemic narrative of safety at all cost eventually realized that being on the hook for everybody’s safety ultimately comes at the cost of neglecting the health and stability of your own clan, so you need to make a choice: What is it worth work and sacrifice yourself for: Your clan and family or the society in general?
Some copying mechanisms to resolve this challenging question include an array of emotional reactions such as depression, domestic violence, divorce, drug abuse, suicide, etc.

We can see already how the mind pandemic of safety at all cost (at any social cost) is claiming its toll in terms of loss of lives, loss of productivity, loss of wealth, etc, but this narrative doesn’t stop here.
Once again it polarizes society into righteous ones (the zealots of face masks, physical distancing, vaccines, etc), and the scum which doesn’t wear the mask properly, or is questioning lockdown policies, or doesn’t want to get the jab and so on.

Once again the “other” is the issue, those who do not conform to the ideology of safety should be punished, rights should be taken away from them (like freedom to travel, to see friends and parents, or work in the public administration), or else they should be heavily fined.

Please remember that a 2000$ fine at times of rampant unemployment could equal to 3 or more months of disposable income which you cannot put in the thrive fund for you and your family.

An hefty fine for not wearing a mask or not distancing is in fact a way to send people to a glorified concentration camp, where people still have access to Internet and get to sleep on their own bed, but ultimately they are sacrificing few months of their working life for the glory of the righteous ones digging themselves up whilst others are dag deeper down the hole of impoverishment.

The slippery slope of vaccination passports
People usually live together out of convenience, an established and understood set of rules is in place and is respected by most people because these rules are made to serve the citizens and they enable people to prosper: Rules are made to serve the citizens!

Bad things usually happen when the paradigma is inverted and unreasonable rules are imposed from the top: Citizens are made to serve the rules!

The new society thus created is a divided one, a criminalizing and discriminating one, it makes it harder for people to thrive!

One practical example of what we are theorizing here is the development of vaccination passports to furthermore divide society into the righteous ones worth full civil rights (however conditional to compliance to latest sperimental jab every couple of months or so!), and those who feel this society is no longer providing the right foundation for them and their clan to thrive.

When the social contract is broken and citizens are made to serve undemocratic the rules this is when abiding to the rules is no longer convenient (if not disastrous if you so happen to own a small local business) and anarchic social forces begin to tear society apart.

The implosion of American society
On top of the mind pandemic of safety at all costs, modern day USA is spiraling further deep into another mind pandemic.
Trump was also a powerful spike protein capable of infecting the minds of millions of people with the narrative of wealth for all Americans if only we could purge ourselves of the illegal immigrants, of bad nations like Iran, China, the Democrats and so on.

This mind pandemic also caused impoverishment of certain groups or nations through embargo, but the unexpected social effect of this narrative was to create another mind pandemic potentially even more dangerous in terms of social and life cost: The weaponization of CANC culture techniques against the American society itself.

In the name of political correctness at all costs (at any social cost), it is OK to trample free speech and free market competition, thus creating an information control similar to the one of Stalinist Russia.
The ban of the Parler app and website is the digital equivalent of the 10th of May 1933 when thousands of students made a bonfire of “un-german” books.
The unrighteous Trump supporters ought to be censored, fired from their job, fined, imprisoned, suppressed and repressed in any way.

The long term results of all this will be similar to what we have seen unravelling in the past, loss of lives, loss of productive capacity, destruction of key infrastructures with overall impoverishment of the American society whilst other, more dynamic and peaceful societies are thriving and improving the wellness of their citizens.

Antidotes for mind pandemics
There are no easy fixes for life threatening mind pandemics, they are the end result of long historical processes of poor governance and mental hygiene.

Like other types of flu which force the host to few days of bed and rest, likewise mid pandemics might also require few years for people’s mind to recover and realize how anti-genetic and damaging these policies will be.

Aside from letting the mind pandemic make its course and claim its social toll, another possible antidote could be awareness: Awareness of the madness of the entire narrative and the long term damages it is bound to bring about.

Also important is to learn and practice rhetoric de-escalation techniques, to live and let live, avoid confrontation (both physical and verbal), encourage reconciliation with the other parties and so on.
Unfortunately all these techniques require a strong emotional intelligence, and this is hard to master when you have been radicalized by a mind pandemic narrative.

Indeed we live in interesting pandemic times.

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