The BCS software project

In this paper we discuss how a system called society allows humans to reliably and efficiently thrive as opposed to other more primitive ones. We can say that societal stratification and specialization of its member is what elevates humans from other more primitive animals.

Social stratification (or society) elevates people from hunter/gatherer/wich doctor stage (low life expectancy) up to farmer/city dwellers/brain surgeon society (high life expectancy, higher return of human capital).

Of course to stratify society you need a system to keep tabs on who is who within the stratification curve and the currency serves this purpose.

Currency is also a feat of available technology at a certain time. To sum it all up in a nutshell we shall say that gold coin is better than barter (resolves triangulation issues but requires metallurgy technology); likewise paper currency is better than gold (easier to conceal and carry, harder to steal but requires printed paper technology!); credit/debit card type currency is even safer and more powerful than paper currency but implies electronic/IT technology and so on and so forth.

Bitcoin is something new in the currency technology sphere and is somewhat inefficient in terms of energy and HD usage, however the big innovation here is that cryptocurrencies imply a new evolutionary step in currencies technology in the sense that it decouples the currency system from manipulation of central banks and nation states.

This shift levels the economic playing field evenly and it prevent malinvestment practices inherent of current currency systems (ie central bank type monopolies).

On this white paper we propose a 3 layer cryptocurrency model which has the benefits of efficient power and HD usage, decentralization as well as the advantages of a Gold like system (deflationary) along with a more standard inflationary currency layer and also a completely anonymous cash like system.

The versatility of such system and its organicity with standard and common human interaction makes it more advanced than current currency technologies, possibly elevates it to the next currency system for all mankind.

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