The secret life of souls

Michael Newton

This article is published in memory of Michael Newton and his pioneer work in the domain of life in between lives regressions.

We hereby provide a brief summary of his work and few sample stories meant to explain basic karmic concepts and rules deduced or inspired by said body of work hoping that it might inspire and provide insight to curious minds of all paths of life.

The origin and ending of the Souls
Not all souls are created equal, the “afterlife” AKA disincarnated life is a patchwork of different dimensions and souls type. Certain entities, only are ideas, they “live” in the mental plane and they occasionally interact with the living when they want to bring about a new concept, ideas or other creative concept down to Earth.
In these key periods the same idea or intuition might manifest itself to multiple people around the world. Songs too are spin off entities from the mental plane, seeking an artist to help them materialize.

Likewise animal souls are not the same as human souls, the hardware (brain) they are capable of handling is very different between the twos.
Although many religion and philosophies claim that a soul eventually evolves from the vegetable and animal kingdom off to human body capabilities, this does not appear to be the case and it seems as though different soul types exist and can evolve within their range of possibilities, but no evolutionary jumps are allowed.

Next we can stretch our inner vision to that misty place of Creation where bunches of souls (different types and grades) are generated like little white puffs coming out and separating off a misty cloud.
Most of them fall back into the grey white mist, but some of these white puffs of light are strong enough to coalesce into their own individuality and separate into their own line of independent existence.
These are like baby souls, with no experience whatsoever of the greater Creation they live into nor these souls are aware of the challenges but also opportunities of forgetting themselves into an incarnated life within the heavier planes and bodies.

These White souls are rounded up and nursed by older souls in charge of them.
They care after and sort them, depending on qualities, into their own groups, and so they eventually go into their first trips and incarnations together, making their first experiences, mistakes, establishing their first karmic bondages and creating their own network of friends or soulmates in the experience.

Choosing the right astrological moment to come into life
There is a lot of goofing around in the first few months of body development inside the mother’s womb, the soul itself is hardly incarnated but is familiarizing with the brainy motion controls of this new baby body.
There is infinite wisdom within the elder souls planning for this baby body and the soul that is assigned to it.
Even crucial and traumatic events such as the (apparently?) untimely demise of a baby body in case of abortion, are in fact carefully planned in order to provide meaningful teaching experiences to both the baby soul and the would-be parents. No opportunity for experience is wasted, not even when the life experience is very short.

Eventually the crucial time for being born comes. At that time the soul is fully incarnated and integrated into the baby brain. Useless to say that all the soul experience and knowledge available before fully bonding with the body is suddenly forgotten and the soul takes the dive and rollercoaster of being fully incarnated into a brand new human life.

The birthing moment is crucial and again carefully planned by the elder souls supervising and guiding the incarnation process of the descending soul. The astrological background of the first breath sets the stage for the body type, attitudes, downfalls as well as some key destiny events.

Strong body VS weak body
As an example, this young soul incarnated itself into a pretty solid and strong Viking body.
Being a young soul in a strong built body, it did what all (inexperienced) souls do in this situation such as plunder, feast, enjoy all kind of physical and sensual pleasure of the body as well as eating way too much red meat!
Eventually the end comes, in this case, pierced in the torso by an enemy’s spear, but it was good fun until it lasted.

This soul decided, through the counsel of its guides in the Afterlife (or InBetween Life), to incarnate into the body of a small woman next. It was a lively young girl (memento of its previous life as a strong bodied Viking!), but all this came to an end at the age of 8, when an accident with a horse-drawn carriage crippled her legs and forced her to mostly seated life.
Being born of a rich family this was not much of an issue but to us it would seem kind of a wasted life. We asked the soul guides about the meaning of that accident and the possibility to avoid and/or minimize physical disruption to that life. Of course, by tweaking the astrological entry angle of that soul (time of birth), the accident could have been a minor near miss one or a full blown death accident, but the soul guides preferred that type of accident because it gave the opportunity to that young soul to learn the finer pleasures of mental activity as opposed to the bodily ones.

Being forced on a wheelchair, she eventually became a teacher and her life work allowed her to develop a great creative mind which touched and positively influenced the life of so many other souls around her, so not at all a wasted life after all!
Had she not had that accident, she would eventually have become someone’s rich wife and wasted that experience in vanity and needless travels, so a lower opportunity and potential for learning greater lessons.

Were we meant to be together?
Most souls link karmically to other souls from their group of origin, meaning they will happen to re-appear in each other lives all the times as brothers, friends, husbands, cousins, and other relevant presences within a lifetime. This is what happens when two people strongly click together because of long established proximity to each other or because of the laws of instant affinity, meaning there was a karmic plan to get those people together at a certain point in time in their life.
This example is set during the American civil war, he was a soldier deeply in love with his girlfriend and so was she. They intended to get married after the war and they had it all planned out to live this lifetime on Earth together.
Eventually he was asked to go and deliver a message to a nearby regiment and sure enough he was shot dead on the way there.
She eventually found another man, married him and went on with her life, but it seems as though something went wrong, and the entire karmic plan of the couple was upended.

From a greater soul perspective there is small margin to chance or unexpected death.
Sure enough the wife’s soul was furious with him because of the unexpected change of plans and he knew (subconsciously) what he was getting into with the decision of going forward with the mission but, as he explained to the soul’s wife, he felt compelled to shake things a little as he saw this could open new opportunities for both of them to karmically grow.
In fact these two souls had been accustomed to be together one way or the other, life after life, and he wanted to give himself and the wife the opportunity of learning to be with other souls and expand their horizons.

Welcome to Hell and other practical jokes
In this other life, a rich priest is the head of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.
He is indeed very famous for his “fire and brimstone from the skies” type sermons and the fear he instills in his parishioners about the consequences of sinful behaviors.
Of course he doesn’t believe much of that himself, he is too smart for that, in fact he himself has a very comfortable and pleasurable life, being in a position of prestige and respect as he currently is, with even a young lover to keep him company every now and then.

Eventually he dies of old age, and his soul goes into that place in between planes where the newly disincarnated souls go waiting for orienteering and debriefing. Whilst some experienced souls “awake” from the bodily death and know exactly where to go next, most souls are in fact disoriented, as if still groggy and just woken up from a long sleep into the fleshy body, but in both cases soul guides are always there, present, to cherish the soul awakening off the human body, same as we incarnated people do when a baby is newly born.
You can imagine the surprise and terror of this priest soul when he sees approaching in the distance the Devil himself, all red and engulfed in flames! You can also imagine the surprise of Michael Newton, after hundreds of regressions ruling plain out the existence of hell, devil, paradise, etc. Finally a regression contradicting all his research, the regression of a soul ACTUALLY going to hell and meeting the DEVIL after all!!!
As the Devil approaches, this confused recently disincarnated soul finally starts to recognize some traits of the Devil, and when close enough he recognizes the Devil is in fact his soul guide who decided to play a practical joke on the freshly dead and disoriented companion as a “punishment” for all the frights he caused to his parishioners. Eventually he realizes the practical joke and he too bursts into a laughter as also another guide soul, this time dressed in white and looking like a godly angel, approaches and welcomes him in.

Of course souls do not wear dresses nor jewels, they don’t even have bodies of a defined shape, but they can shape shift themselves into any shape and color they like, in this case in the shape of devils and angels, shapes the freshly dead soul was familiar with from his earthly experience, just to make a point.

The council of elders: Preparing for your next life
After debriefing and some rest you eventually present yourself in front of the elder council.
You will explain the meaning and lessons of your past life same as you would expose your university thesis and they will provide some advice on the best course of action for the next incarnations and experiences.
During one of these meeting, one of the elders, a soul in the shape of a woman, was wearing a medallion, so it looked like souls do like to dress up and show jewelry also in the afterlife where souls really aren’t supposed to care about such material stuff.
The medallion in fact had an image engraved, of a woman wielding a knife and a bobcat pouncing toward her. It turns out that the image engraved on the medallion was nothing but a memento for the soul discussing her life in front of the council. That very same soul was once incarnated in the body of a young native woman. Separated from the clan and alone in the forest with her baby, she was attacked by a bobcat but she managed to fend off and kill the beast. She eventually bled out and succumbed to the wounds but not before having carried her baby safe and sound back to the clan.
So that medallion worn by an elder was meant to remember that soul how brave she had been in her past life, not to be afraid of challenging impossible odds.

Eventually a soul needs to start planning for its next life. Of all the infinite possibilities, eventually just a number of options or bodies are made available in different settings such as: Rich or poor, woman or male, strong or weak, smart or dull, healthy or sickly, artist or engineer, gay or straight and so on and so forth.
The astrological angle of entry is again carefully studied and planned in advance, being of fundamental importance for the destiny of that human life and the main experiences planned for that trip.
The soul also makes contract with other important souls, such as the parents, best friends, teachers, and all kind of people that the soul will oddly recognize as friendly and will feel an attraction to be with, for the good or bad.

Evolution of the souls
As the soul gather more and more experience and wisdom, its natural color changes from white, to yellow, to green, then blue and finally purple. Its shape also changes from a ball or puff of light into more defined human shape and form because of the habit of being in those kinds of bodies. Eventually a soul starts specializing with one type of sex (male or female) but as it progresses down the evolutionary path it must become proficient in using either body sex without difficulty and always turning the best possible life and meaning regardless of the astrological settings.
A fully mature soul will eventually appear androgynous or shifting continuously in between a male and female figure.

An unsuspecting life
In this last life we have a woman that simply works like a waiter in a trucking station on a crossroad in the middle of a desert in the US.
It is a very simple, unsuspecting life, but this woman has an aura of peace and happiness which is catchy to the people nearby. A friend eventually offers her to have an hypnotic regression through Michael Newton’s technique just for curiosity and it turns out this woman is the equivalent on Earth of a 21st century Jesus Christ, AKA one of the most evolved souls incarnated on Earth. Her presence is meant to do exactly what it appears to be doing, to be a soothing and boosting presence to as many people as possible passing by that station.
Her subtle emotional and mental influence to the people around her rearranges so many karmic events for the best and therefore uplifts a great deal of mankind in the process that would otherwise spiral down in despair and darker karmic paths if left unchecked.

Through the testimony of this soul we also got to see a glimpse of one possible ending of fully evolved souls, which is to merge back into a greater entity (God?), and from within it continue to expand and beautify Creation on multiple planes and dimensions.

Clarifying Karma
First things first, we should define what Karma means. It basically is a compelling need to do something. On this plane its realization might be defined as “Destiny” or “Purpose”.
In its essence it is nothing but a plan we feel compelled to subconsciously execute when here.

There are two different karmas we need to be aware of:

The body karma
The karma of the body is set with the astrological entry angle of the soul in the body, at the time of the first breath, meaning that the body will assume the quality of the moment it originally separated from the mother’s womb.

The quality of such moment eventually determines if a certain body will be big or small, strong or weak, healthy or weekly, the mind quick or slow, the emotions steady or tumultuous, if the life span of said body will be long or short…

It will determine if such body will develop certain diseases or have some specific accidents at certain ages, along with the epiphanies that will ensue when the body is eventually restored to a healthy level.

Let us not forget that the karma of the fetus is different from the karma of the body, the former being determined by the quality of the moment at the conception stage.

Another possibility called reincarnation in the same body is when people die but are subsequently resuscitated, then the body assumes the karmic qualities of the moment breathing was re established.

The soul karma

If the body is the vehicle, the soul is the pilot.
Different bodies are like different vehicles, a fighter jet can go to different places and do different things and has different needs from a tow truck.

What we see when we look at other people bodily appearance is like looking at a vehicle and we often cast a lot of judgements on the appearance and appeal of vehicles, if they are well maintained or if they have defects or manufacturing issues.

However the external appearance of a vehicle and its conditions do not tell us anything about the true value and skills of the pilot (soul) that decided to try out such vehicle with such a karmic path over a lifetime span on Earth.

The soulpiece selects carefully the vehicle-body he will be driving in his lifetime here, this vehicle will allow the soul to experience whatever he was meant to in his karmic plan decided before incarnating back.

Typical soul drives are all those sensations related to feeling an urge to do something, go somewhere, meet somebody, whether you are bound to meet a special lifelong friend or your next husband.

Very advanced souls can take on challenging body-vehicles and yet be able to push the limits of said machine and achieve great unexpected things.

Inexperienced souls might take on easy, healthy vehicles with little to no defect and yet they might be unable to fulfil the true life and karmic potential of their soul because the experience here had little challenges.

I can see through you
In fact being able to see through the karma of a body and deep dive into the intricacies of the soul karma is a delicate art.

One apocryphal legend says that there once was a man, that was indeed capable of seeing through the body and access the TRUE karmic history of each soul.
And by doing so he was able to cure people because he could see that many did not need a sickness or a disease any longer, they learned what they had to from it and they were ready to move on.

Other people he could not cure though, their karmic plan required that they experience the disease for longer or to its full extent. He could have cured them but by doing so he would have just complicated an otherwise simpler path, and these souls would have had to come back and retry this all over again, whilst the healer karma would have also been tampered by unnecessary and unresponsible actions.

This guy was in fact so good and so wise that his contemporaries decided to nail him on a cross about 2000 years ago!

On a positive note, seeing through people’s body is not necessarily such a mystic art after all, the Indian tradition assures us that there are meditation techniques and self training paths that allow the adepts to reach that state of Grace and to be able to UNDERSTAND and responsibly TWEAK the hidden layers of cause and effects at work all around us in each person’s life.

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