Alex Foss

A self proclaimed time traveller from the year 2040.He first arrived into this worldline in 2009 and subsequently completed many intermediate trips to seed key information to key personnel and times.

He ultimately left this worldline in July 2020.A collection of his articles and stories can be found on his Linkedin profile as edited by Peter Foss.

Peter Foss

One of Alex close friends, they originally met in England more than 10 years ago.They spent most the time together discussing matters of technology, sociology and future mankind history.

Before leaving for good Alex entrusted Peter with his account details and asked him to continue his work within the Foundation.
Peter is the editor of Alex articles, they have been grouped in an eBook format under the name: Tales from the future.

The Foundation

Its existence was originally predicted by Alex Foss as a league of best minds and personalities from all walks of life.

The ultimate goal is to protect and help mankind transition into a new stage of societal evolution.