The age of Free Gravity

The Biefeld-Brown effect and why should you care
Back in 1920, Thomas Townsent Brown was experimenting with high voltage components when he casually stumbled across a curious effect, some of these, when on a scale, would lose some weight when charged at high voltage.

He claimed that he had discover an electro gravitic effects, but detractors would say that it was nothing more than a ionic wind effect due to charged or polarized air particles causing a gentle ionic wind or push against the capacitor surfaces.

As of today, the ionic wind effect is the winner according to Wikipedia, but cracks are on the horizon.

Eventually Mr. Brown kept working on these electro gravitic prototypes until in the fifties he finally had a shot at showcasing a full working device in front of various military public which nevertheless regarded this as nothing more than a curiosity.

Biefeld-Brown model featuring 3 variable resistors for steering of the aircraft right or left or forward or backward…

Ionic wind in vacuum?
Over the years the proposition of electorgravitic as a true gravitational effect has raged throughout the Internet, but the main cutoff is ultimately about experimenting these devices in vacuum (where no ionic wind can exist), whilst still measuring a net trust or g force.

Messing with high voltage components within vacuum chambers is not exactly an easy feat, nor cheap. Cheaper would have probably been to strap a cellphone recording altimetry and set the prototype up and up in the higher atmosphere to see if it could still experience g forces in thin or almost absent air pressure for as long as the electronic can go without overheating, but alas we digress.

Eventually a NASA engineer called Charles Buhler seems to have cracked it and have conducted extensive experiments with high voltage prototypes in vacuum whilst still measuring g effects. Most recently he claims to have achieved >1 g force, and this could propel a spacecraft in space without expensive rockets and heavy fuel tanks, by means of just a battery (or a free energy generator).

This line of research could then “trust” mankind into a new age of easy and accessible space exploration well beyond what the current propellant type technology can offer.

An interesting interview with a very emotional Charles Buhler can be found here.

The takeaway of this video is:
1) These prototypes work in vacuum thus disproving the ionic wind theory.

2) Once charged they can stay afloat for days before discharging and coming back down to earth so to speak.

3) They do not seem to have a working theory of gravity to shape they prototype fields against First Principles but IT appears to be more like a trial and error type R&D development.

4) And most importantly:

Free gravity rimes with free energy
If you have a device that can generate a gravitational field, and maintain it without external power source, then the next thing you want to do is convert this free gravity field into free energy power plant as follow:

On the right side of this image is an electrostatic pump model from the Biefel-Brown patent archives. The high voltage differential on some cone shaped condensers induces a gravitational field within a mass of water that is therefore electrogravitically pumped at high pressure on the top part of the image.

The pressurized water powers a water turbine and the discharge of the turbine is piped back to the electrostatic pump at the bottom in a close loop or perpetual motion type system.

Here the turbine generator is looped back to power up the conical condensers of the electrostatic pump but in theory, once these condensers are charged, they no longer need any power source, meaning that the turbine electric power can be used to say, power a house or a city, or a submarine, etc pretty much forever and ever without the need for external fuel or power, other than maybe parts for regular maintenance…

I was somewhat impressed by the emotional intensity of Charles, describing the experiments and hinting at what this all means for mankind, although he could have been an actor faking and his story could very well be yet another Internet fake. If that is the case then bravo to Charles for the good acting, he definitively fooled me!

Alternatively he might have been very genuine about his experiments. If this is the case then we are officially on the verge of a new era of technological wonders.

As already mentioned in other posts, our mainstream scientific research appears to be lagging behind the experimental results and is not capable of explaining electrogravitic off First Principle equations, meaning that the time is ripe for a big shakeup in the academia in favor of theories capable of explaining electrogravitics which have been hiding in plain sight for decades.

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