People’s true colors

The empathic reflex, also known as the sixth sense, is the capability to entangle the brain patterns of two specimens in what is called an empathic state.

It’s most basic expression is the READ-ONLY mode enabling a person to FEEL the emotions of other persons or animals.
A slightly more advanced expression of this sense is the READ & WRITE mode, where you can overwrite someone’s feelings with others of your choice. Particularly convenient for soothing someone’s pain or to scare off wild animals.

It’s more sublime expression allows for the clear understanding of intentions and thoughts of another person with limited use of words or no words at all!

A scene from “The Shining”

All humans have access to this sixth sense, some more capable than others to make use of it in different degrees and purposes.

For convenience in our discussion, we shall refer to those with mid to advanced empathic skills as Empaths, to distinguish them from the Non-Empaths who only rely on words to understand other persons feelings or intentions.

The Homo Sapiens Empathic
As long as the number of Empaths within a society is low, then mankind can easily be ruled by means of lies and deceit since most people will know no better than the words that are being said, taking them mostly for their face value without much capability to add a layer of healthy “criticism” or to read in between the lines or the subtle cues of insincerity.

As the homo habilis and erectus had to give way to the homo sapiens, likewise the new homo empathic is likely to take over in the near future, with many societal implications.

First thing we must remember that society holds together and produces progress and well being for its citizens as we all work together toward the same goal.
The current state of affair has concentrated an ever-growing number of psychopaths and sociopaths in position of powers (the ones they are naturally drawn to).
As they begin their power plays and tantrums, disruption begins in the normal processes that hold people working together productively.

This process eventually leads to political and economical decay as organic functions and systems put in place by the forefathers are regularly stripped away or twisted by the next politician or manager of the day, with obvious loss of function or usefulness of the system.

Empaths taking over
At some point in time the Empaths will eventually outnumber the non-empaths, meaning that society will also undergo irreversible changes and restructuring.

One first thing that will happen is that the true colours of sociopaths and psychopaths will be apparent to most people. As a result, uncooperative or disruptive people will tend to be singled out and isolated from larger social or political groups for everybody’s own good.

The second thing that is bound to happen is the development of the feel of Oneness with each other and with mankind at large. It can be described as a slight loss of the sense of self in favour of a broader feeling of selflessness aimed at the progress of society at large.
In this scenario the need for a central political system, directing and telling people what to do and where to go, will feel pretty useless.

A new, more technocratic and distributed type of democracy is then likely to take place on the ashes of the previous system, without undue interferences from lower egoistic and selfish traits.

About the genes
The genetic information and brainy structures in charge of this feature have been in place for the longest time but their expression faded and stayed latent for many thousands of years, awaiting the right moment to find their expression once again.