Brief history of Atlantis


What follows is the tentative history and evolution of the Atlantean society also known as Poseidon, starting from its inception about 20.000 to 16.000 years BCE, throughout its peak (at around 12000 BCE) and then down toward its decay and sudden end around year 7.000 BCE.

Atlanteans were the survivors of planet Lucifer, they settled in the continent of Poseidon and they started rebuilding their society from the bottom up, as mountaineers, farmers and hunters of the great continent once sitting in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. They also called themselves Incalis meaning Children of the Sun.

Eventually these fiery and proud people descended the mountains, conquered all the land of that continent and established the kingdom of Atlantis.

This kingdom eventually evolved into a democracy first, then into a constitutional empire with a de facto emperor receiving the mandate to rule for a given amount of years. Toward the late period, a gerontocracy took hold along with a gradual but relentless disengagement of civil society from politics and governance.

Caiphul was the political and religious capital, on the western end of the continent. It was also known as the Queen of the Wave: Where a leaf never fades in the still blooming bowers and the bee banquets on through a whole year of flowers.
The reference to The Wave was because of the river Nomis being forced at higher velocities through a complex of concentric canals, thus causing a forced draft of water from the Southern sea up to the Northern sea.
Many artificial hills hosted a number of civil and government buildings, the center hosted the Imperial Palace complex and the Incathlon or The Great Temple.

The other main regional centers and cities were Idosa, Terna, Numea and Corosa.
Marzeus and the nearby city of Tema where the main industrial cities producing most of the amazing Atlantean technologies.

At its peak, about 300 million highly sophisticated and technologically advanced Atlantean souls lived within the continent and established outposts on other regions of the outer non-civilized world constituting of just few millions of people.

Politics and religion
Atlanteans would normally specialize throughout their lives either in the art of technology (what you would call engineers and scientists today) which is the study of all the techniques to control matter.

The other main branch of knowledge was the humanitarian arts of politics, religion (etic), mentalism and spiritualism or all these sciences and techniques required to imagine and shape the future development of society.

The society (at its peak) was highly egalitarian and meritocratic. True intentions of people, their moral qualities and capabilities being self-evident to the piercing eye of mentalists and empathists prevented the wrong kind of people to end up in the wrong governmental positions and cause too much damage to society.

People today would call this kind of society “communistic”, in the sense that in the cities and biggest centers there was no such a thing as private property (except for companies!). All land and buildings being owned by the government and being leased to people in accordance to their needs.

For instance a student graduating with high grades from one of the main schools in the main cities (or even from Marzeus Lower College), would be allowed to progress their higher studies in Caiphul in a sort of base scholarship program covering basic needs.
Likewise public servant, workers, contractors and other functionaries would be allowed to live and work within the city buildings and use its services.

Outside of the main cities and capitals, private land and private house ownership was still the most efficient way to spur societal development and urbanization efforts.

A roadless advanced society
A society is nowadays defined as advanced if roads connecting various cities can be spotted from the sky, meaning a society is advanced enough to develop a network of roads for transportation of people and goods. People today will be disappointed to acknowledge that such a road network was inexistent or semi abandoned in Atlantis, chiefly because transportation (big or small) was accomplished through Vailx, flying vessels of different shapes and sizes using a form of anti-gravity capable of moving virtually any load at any speed (without locally infringing the speed of sound so no sonic booms!).

An example: Circa 1 million people would work in Marzeus at any given day, but at night the city population would only count 50.000 people. Workers would commute in Marzeus every day from within a radius of 100 miles, the trip only taking few minutes of fly time.

From an Atlantean perspective, a society who develops a road network to connect main cities is advanced enough to dozer a road and build bridges through hills and valleys, but not advanced enough to master gravity.

The Incathlon
The Great Temple was a tall pyramidal building at the very center of Cahipul.
It was used for ceremonies such as marriages, funerals and other celebrations. At its center was an altar where an unfed flame was coldly burning, apparently emitting no heat and no light. One of the effects of this wonder was to cause the nearby air to spontaneously emit light so that the temple was always well lit despite no lamps or bulbs were present anywhere.

The unfed light was the departing gift of one of the founding father of Atlantis, a king renowned for his wisdom and who brought to the Atlanteans the book of Wisdom outlining the very first legal and spiritual laws governing the Atlantean society.

At some point in time this great king handed over the Maxin Book to the Council of Elders in the temple, he conjured the unfed light in the very center of the square altar and spoke his last prophecy before disappearing: That the unfed light shall burn for millennia to come, but if Atlantis forgets the Law then the light shall go off and not come back. This shall be when the end [of Atlantis] is near.

The unfed light also had an interesting property, it was capable of dematerialize any object passing through or touching it, thus it was used during funeral ceremonies to ritually dispose of the body of the departed.
Similar deatomizing torches where also used for the purpose of carving through hard rocks and “dig” new riverbeds, although they were much more complicate to power and operate and they obviously had a visible electromechanical infrastructure conjuring them.

Mind therapy
Even back then there were criminals and all sorts of unsavory people as dictated by the laws of statistics.

The normal juridical proceeding for a crime or infraction would have been to serve the community or “repair” the damage done through an equivalent endeavor or service, but in many case, especially repeat offenders or highly polluted and poisonous minds or crimes the procedure would involve the mental reconditioning of the offender.

This procedure didn’t require years of imprisonment and unproductive waste of time and energy to run a jail system, it only required few minutes of brain pattern manipulations through a special machine designed to read (and write), brain patterns, its emotions, thoughts, aspirations and drives.
The machine was able to restrict blood flow to certain regions of the brain or enhance it on others, it was indeed a very powerful and delicate machine.

I can hear already human rights activists screaming in horror at the idea of such a machine but alas, we shall not shoot the messenger (or the historian in this case): Mind reconditioning WAS in fact a fast and effective way to correct destructive behaviors and save much harm and damage to people and society down the road as compared to caging people up for years on end.

Ideally the machine could have been used also to fine tune the most brilliant minds to even greater heights or to do small behavioral adjustments similar to small cosmetic surgery to the brain makeup. This would have been consider an abuse and perversion of the technology since it would have hampered soul progression and positive karmic resolution of a life on Earth through a cheat sheet thus harming the subject requiring this procedure.

Atlantean technology
Aside the Vailx technology already discussed (see the controversial Biefeld-Brown theory and experiments), the real innovation was the use of what today we would call a Zero Point Energy or Free Energy which back then was called “the hidden side of nature”.

In fact we might all wonder what would be the cost or price of anything at all if the energy cost or effort to do anything was net ZERO?
Once machines and infrastructures are built to run the system, grow and deliver food, water, services, etc we should all wonder if there is anything at all for mankind to do?

Well this was the condition of society back then, with an enormous wealth of technology and energy available to all the citizens of Atlantis.

Another example of technology available back then was an air-to-water generator capable of distilling pure water off the air through massive air condensation systems of by means of hydrogen generation.
Air being in fact rich of Oxygen, if only hydrogen was available to recombine O2 into H2O!
Hydrogen was then synthetized by collapsing electrons of nitrogen or oxygen atoms into their respective nuclei thus synthetizing grapples of free neutrons. These neutrons had to be kept confined within the reactor for long enough time to allow them to decay back into hydrogen atoms and spontaneously recombine with the gaseous Oxygen to yield water.

The suggestion today as it was back then was to operate these reactors as far as practically possible from the camp and from people because of the radioactive nature of free neutrons statistically escaping the confinement chambers.

The example above or proton-electron fusion is only an extreme example of nuclear fusion. Simpler and lower energy nuclear fusion reactors were used back then to mass produce metals (mostly Aluminum) off raw clay or other soil materials. These fusion chambers would look similar to Santilli hadronic reactors, with the produced heat of fusion being a waste stream to be cooled off, whilst the synthetized metals were the real product of said reactors.

Whilst many exotic metals could be economically synthetized in great quantity and different grades, certain atomic species resulted much harder to synthetize in appreciable quantities and chiefly Gold was particularly hard to get also considering its valuable dielectric properties and applications in the production of high performance Vailx shells.

Since we have it, gold had no other purpose in Atlantis other than its technological applications. Currency in Atlantis was just a mean to maintain a certain social stratification curve and provide thrust to human creativity and productivity whilst avoid speculations and malinvestment practices. The discussion about advanced currency models has already been addressed in previous posts, but suffice to say that greed or money was not among the main drives or spur of innovation as it was the drive to excel in whatever field you happen to specialize and to progress the overall wellness of society.

Another interesting intuition with many applications was that a beautiful object or artifact would last longer than a similar one serving the same purpose but without the aesthetic streak. In fact objects were designed and conceived in terms of their full lifecycle analysis, ergonomics and time durability, this last parameter being a valuable one amongst the makers.

5000 years useful lifetime expectancy was the ideal standard for an artifact (and we are not even talking about extended warranty packages!!!). The goal was not to sell more products and incept obsolescence into an artifact design. The pride of the maker was in the longevity, the beauty and usefulness of an object.

On another note, we must stress that because of the gravitic and solid state free energy technology widely available back then, the number of moving parts (wear potential) was substantially lower or inexistent in most artifacts, thus allowing much greater longevity than would otherwise be possible with more primitive technologies requiring a lot more mechanic and moving parts to do the same job.

Lastly IT technology: Nevermind the connectivity of voice, image and text, probably the main advance in computer technology was the integration of mind sensor to be able to control pretty much any device through brain waves (farewell dear mouse and keyboard, whether wired or Bluetooth!).

Another advancement was the combination of a form of AI with datamining techniques capable of accurately predicting events and trends as also detailed on other posts.

Another wonder machine was a telescope capable of infinite resolution.
As opposed to collapsing the wave function of the photon into a speck of energy recorded on the surface of a sensor (thus requiring many photons to accumulate over time to give a full picture), the full photon wave function is entangled into a quantum state of the sensor.
The wave quantum state is then copied over and over onto other qbits, and these quantum state copies are subsequently collapsed by a computer to provide almost unlimited resolution of not just the electron generating that photon but also of all the electrons, protons, molecules, etc around the original electromagnetic source.
The resolution of such a picture is in fact a function of the computing power and time available for the quantum “unzipping” process.

The fountain of youth
Machines could also interfere with biological bodies in subtler ways and allow the change of mind pattern within the brain as well as other organs to cure all sorts of health issues, potentially also regenerating bodies and prolonging life indefinitely.

This last possibility might seem very attractive to some but it comes with very high social price in the sense that such technology prevents social and genetic exchange and innovation, it causes society to stale, lose dynamism, impoverish itself as we shall see later on.
However valuable, life was still conceived and regarded as a round trip. Doctors were extremely knowledgeable in the domain of karmics and would evaluate carefully when it was proper to use advanced technology to prolong life or cure certain terminal illnesses.

The war against Suern
Atlantis was the most technologically advanced nation on Earth even surpassing the somewhat primitive 21st century standards of ours.
They eventually resolved to conquer or better say create outposts in other regions of the Earth, often clashing against seemingly more primitive and semi nomadic populations.

Atlantean advanced weaponry technology was no match against the bow and arrow resistance they encountered in all these expeditions and they quickly manage to subdue and conquer these populations and establish small cities mostly for tourism or other mining or resource exploitation programs.

Among these primitive populations were the semi nomadic Suernis (whose descendants are our modern Jews). They lived mostly in the regions East of current Egypt and they were the most populous nation after Atlantis, counting about 10 million people.
Suernis were indeed a curious population in the sense that their advances were not in the domain of technology outside the body, but was an advance of the soul within the human body itself.
Few examples of Suernis mind powers: The capability to communicate telepathically with literally anybody at any time, calling for help and expert advice by polling the global mind of the population similarly to Atlantean so called cellphones or Wikipedian AI masters.

Also the capability for some people to teleport themselves to different places or at least astral project their soul either in space or time.

At lunch time you would see people sitting on bare tables holding one or more seeds into their hands and falling into a mantra induced trance which would cause the seed to grow and mature in matter of minutes. You would then see them peel, slice and subsequently serve these fruits and vegetable to guests and hosts, but never serving sinful animal meat!!!

When someone was old and he or she would judge his cup was full and the time was ripe for them to move on to the afterlife, he or she would simply farewell his family and friends, fall asleep and leave the body, oftentimes without even leaving the physical body behind.

You would imagine that such a blessed population with such amazing powers had it good and their happiness and bliss was beyond our imagination. Well, you are imagining it all wrong.
If anything their happiness level was statistically well below our standards, chiefly because karma time back then was virtually inexistent, so any impure thought or small sin would almost immediately be returned to the perpetrator often through physical discomfort (headache, chest pain, groin pain and so on depending on the type of transgression and thought).

They were in fact prisoners of the law of God (or Karma) so to speak, well before the Devil increased the inertia of the wheel thus adding a great delay between an action and its reward (or punishment). Devil invented TIME to fool modern humans in believing they are living in a Godless, lawless, karmless world, a world without any immediate apparent correlation between an action and its consequences.

Among the Suernis as well as the Atlanteans there were some truly and genuinely happy people often referred to as the Sons of Solitude. These people fully embraced and lived in harmony with the Laws of existence without feeling the burden. They were ahead of their time in integrating the Soul element within the human mind, an integration that has long been prepared and is now due among the 21st century humans.

Their king, Ray Ernon was the only one who stood up to the Atlantean army and their overpowering technologic supremacy. He won against overpowering military and technological power thus causing an end to the Atlantean expansionism.
What follows is an account of the battle of Atlantis against the Suernis: The Atlantean general went to the Suern capital with full display of force and might, he stood in the main square and asked for Ray Ernon to come forward and surrender to Atlantis.
Ray Ernon, a peasant in appearance, came forth to the high standing general in his plain clothes, he politely but firmly asked the general to let them be and go away. For three times he did so and for three times the general refused and reiterated his request to submit.
After the third request and third refusal of the Atlantean general, Ray Ernon fell into a trance and in that very instant all the generals, caporals and sergeants of the Atlantean army dropped dead on the spot, even the ones sitting cozily at few tens of miles away from the action. This caused the maximum disruption to the Atlantean military operations with the minimum amount of loss of lives among the enemy lines.
Needless to say the relationship between Atlanteans and Suernis were very amicable after that display of mental force, at least until the death of Ernon.

One day even the Wise King eventually felt all the discouragement and hopelessness of his people, living like prisoners of the Law of One. Ernon decided his life was full, that he had done all he could to show them the way toward God, toward happiness, and it was now time to move on and let the Suernis be and find their own way.
After Ernon departure/disappearance most of the mental power of the Suernis faded and Atlantis quickly annexed Suern and provided humanitarian relief to the mourning and completely exposed population, unable to provide even for the most basic needs.

The decay
All good things eventually get old and die, so Atlantis had to follow through the same fate.
It was not a needless experience, it allowed the cosmic human soul to experience the mastering of matter and the development of rationality, it prepared the way for the next iteration of the human race, when the spirit element will finally be fully integrated in the human life experience.

But before we look forward we must look backward at what happened then, how corruption and complacency took hold of Atlantis.
It began with small things, like the gradual de schoolarization of the populace, the disengagement of people from the workforce and politics which lead to the overall decay of work standards and ethic standards. Still it was possible for all the population to live and prosper because of the high living standards and wealth, because of the wonder machines doing all the work to support basic needs of every citizen.

Eventually also the machines grew old and tired, they decayed as they all eventually needed parts, maintenance, proper operation, and the skill to put all these ingredients together.
If not cared for even the most efficient and best built machines eventually give up, and this is what happened to the city of Marzeus and Tema. A terrible catastrophe struck these two cities, something we would compare to our Fukushima or Chernobyl event. The industrial cities where the machines never stopped making more machines! These two cities too finally capitulated to ignorance and indifference in a blast which destroyed them both in a fraction of a second. This event is referred to in the Bible as Sodoma and Gomorra.

Before their destruction, few “angels of God” went seeking good lives to save. These angels were the astral projection of non incarnated spirits coming to the rescue and trying to save as many incarnated souls as possible before the imminent catastrophe.
Few thousands managed to escape and together they decided to follow the advice of these advanced spirits and fled to Egypt. There they used their last tools, skills and technology to prepare the way, a new possible future for the next human iteration.

The pieces of the puzzle will fall in place when the time is right, when the new mankind is ready for it!

The beginning of the end
Back in Atlantis the social stratification curve was also going through a phase of terminal decay with many poor or unproductive mobs still living with very high standards within a social and technological decay environment.

The Vailx once sailing the skies all over the planet had long been forgotten or had become a vintage curiosity of the past. Only few specimen still existed and could be operated although in a very basic way.
Computers too were rare and only limited functions were available to the common uneducated minds.

All sorts of sins of decadence and uncontrolled lust were rampant among the society, and people just became accustomed to present big and small food sacrifices on the altar of the temple to be dematerialized into the unfed light.
Once the last groups of engineers left for Egypt, the Atlantean society spiraled into decay even faster, even though few scattered Sons of Solitude still tried to keep up the hope.

In one epic moment, a young woman climbed high on top of a statue in the main square of Caiphul and harangued an angry mob of people below about their sins and ways, pleading them to revert back to sanity and the costumes of their forefathers, to the Laws described in the Manin Book.
A priest of the Great Temple was also among the angry mob gathering in the square and he too, a sinner like the rest of the mob, was crying outraged against this young girl. He grabbed a cobblestone and struck the girl in the head, causing her to fall (apparently) to her death.

Her body was rushed to the Temple and onto the Great Altar where the priest performed a ritual sacrifice of the barely alive girl. This was the first human sacrifice of the Atlanteans.
When the ritual knife struck her chest, that was the moment when the unfed flame blinkered and vanished as predicted by the prophecy.
The angry mob was furthermore infuriated and scared because of the flame going off, they seized the priest who struck and cut the girl and they sacrificed him too on the altar hoping that the expiatory act would revive the flame but to no avail.

They all thought the practice of sacrifice had gone too far, but since the taboo was no more, starting from that moment more humans were sacrificed on the altar to expiate the greatest sins.
This first human sacrifice happened around the year 7600BC, it would take still few centuries for the final part of the prophecy to come true.

The caste of immortals
On the other end of the social stratification curve we could find a small caste of immortals.
This small group which we would today call “the elites”, had mastered some of the psychic powers of the Suernis, and through centuries of unnaturally prolonged life they had amassed a great amount of wealth and technology to airgap themselves from the barbarians living outside the walls of their mansions and castles.
Living forever is not something unusual among certain species across different galaxies but even in that case there are ways to do it and immortality is not abused, the end of life is always within the cards and within the minds of these species, just waiting for the most meaningful purpose and best moment to move on to the afterlife.

In this particular case, immortality meant greater amount of once public property and technology becoming less and less public and more private. Less services being available to the community, or even human offerings (guinea pigs for The Caste experiments) being requested in exchange for food or basic services.
These elites too could see the end was coming for the poor as well as for the wealthy, they sought escape toward another Universe and a brand new galaxy, like their ancestor tried before them, but it was too late for them to go down that route, not enough time, not enough knowledge or technology available to realize such a plan.

The ark
Around the year 7100 BC, once again some disincarnated souls came down to Atlantis and instructed the people of a rural village of the plains to build an ark.
These people had long forgotten how to master advanced technology but had tried to keep alive as much as possible the customs and wisdom of the forefathers despite being surrounded by a decaying world and dark ages being upon them.

Through the technical instructions of these so called “Angels from God”, they managed to build the Ark and they filled it with all the tools and animals they might need to survive a long and unknown journey.
At last, after few months of preparation, the Ark was ready and it was being prepared and readied for the journey.
At the same time in Egypt the last Atlanteans engineers had prepared an ark of technologic wonders to lay dormant for centuries to come, all was ready and in order for the time trip throughout the ages of history.

That was the time when Earth passed across the galactic plane, the time when the poles reversed their magnetic axis, the moment when great cataclysms can reshape the surface of a planet, in this case it was the foundation of the great continent, the one which would subside, in a sort of expiatory karmic act for the war of Atlantis against Lemuria: One shall fall in a pit of fire, the other will follow but in a pit of endless water.

In a matter of few days the Great Atlantis Queen of the Wave was sunken to the bottom of the ocean. In its place a great ark along with a number of other rudimentary boats was there, trying to coral together and striving for survival.

The Ark eventually shipwrecked in Turkey whilst most of the smaller boats and emergency rafts made it to West Africa and South America. The so called civilized world was destroyed for good, civilization had to reset and a new beginning had to start.

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