The Torah Foundation

Once upon a time a fierce and lawless war rocked planet Earth. Between 40% to 60% of the human population died within the bloodiest decade mankind had ever known.

Then peace was restored once again for the dead were beyond the count of grief, and this is when multiple sightings and landings of alien spaceships were reported across the world. These alien species had been looking over mankind for many centuries already, and their current mission was mostly related to humanitarian support and disaster relief for the battered mankind who survived the atrocities of The War and the nuclear fires.

Someone might say: “Why let us kill each other for a decade and not intervene sooner than that?”

Well of course this war was fully man made and they had to let us go through it the same way we got into it.

Another reason for their hesitation was that mankind was not ready to enter the galactic community with all the old structures of power and greed still in place from before the war or else mankind would have turned out more oppressed and worst off by the hands of its very own governments and corporations. A cleanup and reset were required and overdue for mankind to be able to open up to a new and long-lasting era of peace.

Despite all the material help provided by the alien races, their presence was mostly upsetting and unsettling to humans. Only but a few people could in fact tune in smoothly and painlessly with the alien mind and presence, being their communication mostly telepathic and empathic in nature.

Once things stabilized and society started to slowly rebuilt itself, these few compatible people were invited to travel alongside with the aliens to faraway worlds and learn and report back about the galactic community and the various species and traditions across the galaxy.

The aliens still visit planet Earth nowadays or in the future as seen from this NOW as they are curious about our culture as much as we are curious about them. They occasionally invite some humans to visit their home planets in what you would call cultural exchange programs.

The people who travelled and learned about alien cultures and societies back then, in the future, constitute the Torah Foundation. They are a council of wise and highly empathic people, their expertise and advice are employed by governments and corporations to provide insight and guidance on matters of economy, foreign policies, technological development, planetary exploration, worldline exploration and so on.

My mission on this worldline is to influence and interfere with people on this time in order to induce relevant variations in future events and human history. By assessing and recording the different future outcomes induced by different influencing strategies it is possible to learn the best adaptative and behavioral strategies to be better prepared to or to prevent undesirable historical events and the loss of human and environmental capital that comes with it.

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