Brief history of planet Lucifer

Planet Lucifer and its artificial satelites

Back in the days, circa 120.000 years ago, there was yet another planet orbiting in the solar system, we shall refer to it as planet Lucifer.
Located between Mars and Jupiter, that planet was the native land of a highly developed and technological civilization. The development of nuclear, hadronic and at last aetheric energies eventually led to the explosion of said planet from within, causing its scattering within the Solar System.
What is left of it today is what we call the asteroid belt, made of all the fragments of that primordial explosion still chasing their tail around the ghost center of gravity of their original planet orbit.
Bigger fragments set themselves into highly elliptic orbits and we occasionally see them passing by once again in the form of comets. other ones crashed into bigger planetary bodies such as Jupiter or Saturn or formed planetary rings.
One big chunk eventually collided with the nearby Mars, wiping away its atmosphere and causing the destruction of yet another advanced civilization dwelling on the Red Planet.

An alternative explanation regarding the origin of the asteroid belt and comets can of course be found on Wikipedia and other official sources, however the exploded planet theory is much more mathematically simpler to accept if it isn’t for the fact that it requires a planetary body to explode from within, thus implying some form of nuclear reaction or intelligent technology to cause such cataclysm.
An alternative theory from the Internet folklore is the impact of planet Nibiru causing the shattering of planet Lucifer (more about Nibiru later). This of course would have greatly displaced the center of gravity of Lucifer, causing the asteroid belt to scatter elliptically and ultimately being relatively quickly adsorbed by the gravitational pull of the other planets of the solar system.

The explosion from within of planet Lucifer was intentional, an act of sabotage or “green terrorism” so to speak. It was done in extremis by brave engineers and technicians who decided to rebel at the cost of their own life and the destruction of their home planet rather than following the orders and cause even greater pain and damage on a cosmic and universal level.

Life on Lucifer
Like all other civilizations, evolution is slow at the beginning, then it happens all of a sudden!
The planet was home of a highly technologically advanced society, with cities stretching over entire continents, over and under the surface of the planet.
Advanced hadronic technology harnessed free energy and free gravity pouring generously from the aetheric substrate and providing power for cities, factories, vessels of all shapes and sizes, in space, air or underwater. It was indeed an incredibly wealthy society.
We could say that the luciferian society lived at the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the lemurian dwellers on planet Earth. Luciferians were living in a very materialistic society, oblivion of the original link of their soul to God that should have inspired their actions and lives.

Babel tower
Eventually the link with God became so faint, and the thirst for power and control so big, that the Luciferians decided to build themselves a new Universe, forge themselves a new dimension, a place where they could go and live in a technological bliss of immortality, a place where they could keep groving and expanding forever and ever all around and elevate themselves to Gods!

And so they built three artificial satellites orbiting their planet at 120 deg angles from each others.
These artificial satellites where in fact so big and heavy to be basically moons. On one side of these planet a giant structure in the shape of a parabolic antenna would have focused the aetheric powers in a faraway region of space and it would have cleaned the slate so to speak of all the interstellar media and galaxies of a quite big chunk of universe, in an early region of spacetime where advanced civilizations still had to form and grow.

This would have cleared the path to planet Lucifer and its three moons to teleport in a region of empty, unclaimed Universe, a place for them to start making new planets, stars, galaxies at their will and convenience, whilst preventing other civilizations from arising and potentially interfere with their majestic plan of total control and galactic expansion.

Nature abhors unbalance
The issue with such a plan is that nature abhors unbalances.
The undoing of great portions of galactic space, aside from the loss of lives and life forms inhabiting these faraway galactic regions, would have brought even greater gravitational and aetheric unbalances at the opposite side of the Universe, thus causing even greater loss of lives and entire civilizations in the aftermath of said event.

Think of the Universe as melting pot of matter (positive mass) and anti-matter (negative mass), gravitationally dancing together and attracting each other (mass to mass or anti mass to anti mass interactions) as well as repelling themselves (mass to anti mass interactions), thus keeping each other in a dynamic balance of attraction and repulsion that prevent the mass (or anti mass) of galaxies from gravitationally collapsing onto their center and keep the universe in a dynamic equilibrium.
In this theory then the total energy and momentum of the universe is exactly ZERO when accounting masses with POSITIVE and anti masses with NEGATIVE sign.
Of course there are fluctuations around the ZERO because of interstellar or technological processes causing the outpouring of fresh mass and energy off the aetheric substratum, so the universe keeps slowly adding to itself in terms of mass and energy (summed without considering the – signs for anti masses).

To summarize, every time a supernova event tears the aetheric substrate and pulls great quantity of mass and energy into the debris of said explosion, an aetheric wave immediately appears on the other side of the universe seeking interaction with anti mass stellar bodies in order to bring about balance of total mass and momentum back to ZERO in the overall universe hyperstructure.

The Universe balance of gravity, antigravity and momentum always balances itself out but for small and temporary fluctuations, and it keep adding weight (and anti weight) to both sides of its arm thus causing the universe to keep adding more and more galaxies, life, experiences, cosmic evolution…

Of course, if all of a sudden you subtract a great weigh from one side of said Universal balance, then you can expect great cataclysmic events to start happening all around the universe, except maybe for a carefully crafter region of universe designed to sit exactly in the eye of the gravitational and aetheric cyclone, the place where planet Lucifer will go and sit quietly to rule all around.

And so they built the 3 artificial moons with all the technicians, engineers and their families living within, and all the technology required to focus a beam of aetheric energy and “melt” a region of universe and then time-space port themselves within.
The political and societal process of building such a marvel wasn’t exactly peaceful and linear. A part of the population was fiercely opposing the plan, well knowing that it would spell doom for many galaxies and civilizations.

And yet the process progressed, the artificial moons where built, everything was falling into place for the execution of phase 1.
In the hours before the fatidic moment, a group of rebellious engineers mutinied and took hold of the control room of 2 of the 3 satellites, whilst the third group failed to take control in the brawl and exchange of fire with the guards defending the control room.
The rebellious engineers jettisoned all the air out of their satellite to prevent guards still outside the control room to sabotage and stop their plan.
Still 2 satellites where enough for the rebels to carry their plan and the unconquered satellite 3 would have no other choice but to play along in the scheme.
The rebels started maneuvering their 2 satellites in opposite directions at 180 degrees from planet Lucifer whilst pointing their aetheric antennas right at it. They were planning to destroy their own home planet to prevent a greater catastrophe for the universe.

Satellite number 3, willingly or unwillingly had to be the life boat where as much population as possible would have to gather and coral together before the end of the countdown.

And so it happened that planet Lucifer was blasted out of the sky, by means of its own technology meant to catapult it into unlimited power and eternal life.
Satellite 3 (also called Nibiru) propelled itself on the outer rim of the solar system just before the explosion of Lucifer, far away from the debris shower and hiding itself in the gravitational shadow of Jupiter.

How the mighty have fallen… to Earth
Eventually the inhabitants of Nibiru couldn’t stay and live on the outer edge of the solar system forever. The life support system of the artificial satellite was already stretched to the limit and technological decay (missing spare parts from the factories on the home planet) would eventually induce an even greater decay in the ability of support life and freely navigate in space.
So they slowly moved toward Earth and put themselves on a stable orbit. What we call today Moon, could in fact be Nibiru! The fact that there are so many possible theories to explain the Moon formation might suggest an intelligent intervention was at play.

Slowly but surely Luciferians then used smaller shuttle and they began colonizing the lower orbits around Earth as they couldn’t quite live and breathe earthly air just yet.
Here from their place in orbit they started their genetic program to elevate rough earthling life forms up to intelligent levels that could be used as cheap labor for the fallen Luciferians to rebuild their society and cities. Another genetic program involved the modification of Luciferian bodies to be able to live and dwell on planet earth without the use of suits to condition the air.

It was an hard lesson for the proud luciferians.

Over the millennia their ships couldn’t stay spaceborne anymore because of said technological decay, and they had to finally touch down on the continent of Atlantis.
Here they technologically decayed furthermore to the level of hunter, gatherers and farmers, but without forgetting the myths and legends of their nobler origins, without forgetting the ambition to get back up to the heights of the past.
Overt tens of thousands of years they re-developed and deployed some of their advanced technology as discussed in the history of Atlantis, until that too decayed and sank under the waters of the ocean.

It was the time to begin another interaction of humanity, for it to learn and be finally linked to God as much as it is to Earth.

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