Brief history of Lemuria


The travelers from the Pleiades
About 150.000 years ago, some humanoids from the Pleiades came to Earth, looking for a playground to start a new thrilling experiment.
Planet Earth was still relatively raw and primitive, a perfect place for them to start their plan.

Through their advanced technology and mental powers they were able to lift an entire continent off the floor of the Pacific Ocean, rising it by injecting high pressure gasses deep under the seafloor, causing it to lift above the waters.
This is the legendary continent of Mu, often called Lemuria or Eden within the Bible tradition.

The newly created Mu was a perfect clean slate for their work, and they began crossing the Earth native plant and animal species with their advanced genetic knowledge. They fast forwarded the evolution of many creatures, including new, hybrid ones and placed them on Mu, creating a lush tropical paradise.

Their creation was a fully balanced and self sustaining ecosystem crafted by their science and knowledge, but their creation was not yet complete, their masterpiece was still missing.

God’s will
God is a child, playing in a sandbox we call Creation or Universe. When God started playing “God” (so to speak), He set in motion four fundamental intelligent rules of physics and creation. These forces began to intelligently populate the Universe with all the marvels we now see. The existence of matter and its higher level of organization is no coincidence, but a clear and perfect execution of a Command coming from the Source itself.
One of God intentions in this constant expansion and perfection of the Creation was the Man, an entity capable of intelligent creative interaction within the material plane whilst still being connected to the Source and will of all Creation.

The Pleians came to Earth to craft this novel creature called Man.
This new creature was derived directly from the Pleians genetic code along with native Earth species and they gave birth to the first human form.
Quite androgynous in its first inception, it was subsequently evolved and differentiated into a male and female polarity to be able to self sustain and self evolve through natural breeding as opposed to the dry mathematical forces of genetic engineering.

I understand this last statement might conflict slightly with Darwinistic theories, and yet this is how the story of Lemuria goes. Of course within an isolated system then Darwinism rules, but within an open/intelligent system then evolution can simply be copypasted and fast forwarded billions of years similarly to what humans are doing already in these times of advanced (?) genetic techniques.
As for hominids other than the homo sapiens or other ape species, these were just drafts and experiments to perfect their final Homo Sapiens form.

These first human bodies were very Pleians in their first version, meaning they were very light, slender, aetheric in the sense that they could change their relative density, shape and size of their bodies at will.

Back in the days many planets in the solar system had life on them, and among them planet Venus was populated by very ethereal vapor type intelligent life forms. They were in fact looking forward to try on newer and denser life forms so many of them happily volunteered to go and inhabit into these new and thicker human bodies.
Their original incarnations were fairly flimsy. The Soul part could easily detach from the physical body and astral travel to other places and dimensions. You could see these human bodies spending most of the day in a constant state of awe and contemplation. The main fear for these souls was to incarnate and spend too much time into the physical body, to forget their direct uplink with the other Soul planes.

Life in Lemuria
To a modern eye these Lemurians might have resembled some very ancient and primitive populations but beyond their appearance they possessed an inner vision and wisdom unimaginable to modern Westerners.

Lemurians lived in small villages and built huts made of clay, mud or sticks, easy to repair in case of storms or other unfavorable events. They would also spend time to travel the land and visit around, the valleys and hills, the sea or their own Light temples scattered around Earth energy nodes within the Lemurian continent.
They were healers, artists, crafters, elders, crystal experts (to store memories, experiences and knowledge like we do today in memory sticks), they were also very advanced mathematicians. They had no sense of property or jealousy. They had photographic memory and hearing and they could recall almost instantaneously any memory, sound or sensation from the past and from the Akashic records. They were mainly gatherers but almost no hunters among them since there was no need to bring pain into the world through hunting. Population was rarefied enough and the land plentiful.

Because the physical body was very lightly used and they had means to regenerate it at will in their Light Temples, through healers and herbologists, they could extend their lives at will, hence the biblical accounts of very long-life spans among the first humans.
Their lives could easily last 1 or 2 thousand years before they would hear the Call so population control was paramount among them and at their peak Lemurian civilization didn’t exceed the 100.000 or 200.000 people.

Being newly physical beings, they didn’t exactly enjoy the type of sensual pleasures we do nowadays. For them sex was mostly cuddling and foreplay among members of the tribe and without any clearly defined relationship of husbandship and wifeship.
In fact, the idea of having someone’s penis inserted into a vagina felt somewhat weird and way too physical to them. Carrying a human body into their womb for nine months was quite a debilitating task because it would force the mother’s soul to more deeply incarnate within the physical body during the pregnancy.

Eventually the clan would hear the call and need to bring about some new human bodies into the clan to replace the ones dying out, so they would select a woman and few partners to carry on the breeding ritual.

Even though they didn’t have the aid of modern medicine, their light bodies were flexible and could easily give birth with little to no pain or blood loss. Healers, midwives and elders would plan the right astrological time window for the soul to come into the world and subsequently induce and assist the woman during the delivery. The baby would rest on the mother belly until he or she was fully breathing on its own and only then they would sever the umbilical cord.

The child was raised mostly by the mother for the first 2 years, after that the clan took over most of the life support functions and education of the toddler: It takes a village to raise a child.

Death too was a ritualized event. After living a long life on a human body, a soul would eventually hear the Call that it was approaching the time to move on to other dimensions and experiences.
When that time came the Elders would look up to the skies and plan the best astrological time of departure from the earthly plane. A big gathering would take place to cherish the departing soul same as if it was a newborn baby.
Departing a human body was very simple matter back then, the soul had complete awareness of the Silver Cord linking the soul to the body and he could sever it easily and at will: The body would simply breathe his last breath and the hearth would peacefully stop.

An unusual death
Accidents could also cause deaths but they were rare, even savage beasts wouldn’t dare attacking humans since they too recognized the divine nature within this advanced species and they would rather befriend humans than fight them.

In this particular life a young dancer of the tribe (only 800 years old) fell by accident off a cliff. She broke her hips and spine but the body was still alive. She immediately put her body into a painless sleep and she telepathically communicated with her fellow tribe people to come rescue her broken body.
After a long time she eventually woke up back in her village.
Healers performed energy healing on her body and repaired the bones and spine in just a matter of days, but they were unsure if she would ever be able to dance with the same grace she used to before the accident.
As soon as she heard that and out of impulse she immediately severed her Silver Cord and terminate her life, which was also the only one she could have among Lemurians given the backlog of souls from all over the Creation wanting to come and experience life on this new innovative type of physical body.

This event was somehow of a lost opportunity but not an unusual one given the inexperienced nature of souls populating Lemurian bodies.
To decide to stay into that body would have caused her to furthermore incarnate into it and find new ways of expressing the tales and stories of the tribe, to repurpose herself within life and society.

All these struggles and their subsequent ephyfanies are valuable lessons sought by The Creation. These coping and adaptative strategies are effectively embedded within the fabric of the Universe every time a soul finds new creative ways to live and prosper within the material plane despite all odds and the heaviness of this dimension.

Atlantis rising
Of course the peaceful and Light Venusians souls couldn’t expect to have exclusivity upon this big thing called Man on Earth, other soul types eventually got to try and live the human way, some not as selfless as the Lemurians.

A very technologically advanced civilization lived on planet Lucifer (what is left of it is in fact the asteroid belt). The “sin” of this civilization was their detachment from God’s will and connection and their strict focusing on technological advancement. God to them was somewhat of an obsolete reality generator.
Some of these Luciferians sought to entangle and transfer over their souls to the powerful Lemurian body types and thus acquire their psychic powers. And so they went to Earth and intermingled with the Lemurians thus creating the 4th human root race.
The newly created Atlanteans bodies were more power and technology inclined than Lemurians and they eventually established colonies on both Mu and Atlantis.

Contacts were scarce and intermittent at the beginning (about 20.000 to 15.000 years ago), but then they became more frequent. Small Atlantean outposts became big cities and megalithic structures were built upon Lemuria, some got even built onto the very simple Light Temples of the native Lemurian populations, similar to how westerners eventually got to colonize the Americas few centuries ago.

Lemurians were somewhat confused about the Atlanteans. Lemurian’s gentle and naïve nature compelled them to share and teach the newcomers as much as possible about their culture, religion and powers, but they were also baffled by these strange technological people, their confusing use of language (not telepathy!) to communicate, the fact that they would say what they didn’t mean and they would do what they said they wouldn’t?

Some Lemurians got kidnapped and trafficked to Atlantean cities or laboratories for various purposes, but outside of their homeland and culture they wouldn’t live very long. Other young ones simply got attracted to the flashy and posh Atlantean lifestyle, so they mixed and bred with these heavier and more incarnated souls and bodies thus creating hybrid humans with both psychic and logic capabilities.
Overall the body and mind vibration got heavier, many soul powers and capabilities were lost or simply remained latent, Lemurians were slowly getting exterminated and they were losing their capability to connect with the Source.

This internal fight between pure Lemurians and those giving in to the Atlanteans ways is summarized in the Bible as the myth of Cain and Abel. Apparently a key traumatic event did trigger a steep drop of awareness and vibration among the Lemurians.

Sunken Lemuria
Antagonization with the Atlantean civilization was growing stronger with every passing year. Atlantean no longer saw fit to allow an alternative civilization and lifestyle to exist and undermine their apparent superiority.

The few remaining elders and tribes saw the end coming and they decided to leave their homeland like dry leaves carried by the Autumn wind. They went to India, Africa, Egypt, North and South America.
Other legends say that some of them used their last remaining psychic powers to craft some underground shelters deep down the Earth’s crust and mantle for them and their tribes. These are safe and climate controlled voids lying deep underground. Here Lemurian tribes can hide and live for thousands of years before the time comes for them to emerge and see the light of the Sun once again.

Ultimately it was an act of war struck by Atlantean ships to destroy and collapse the gas belts sustaining the Lemurian continent. Mu broke apart and sank in a fiery ocean of lava before the waters from the surrounding oceans also penetrated the mainland and quenched the continental chasm in fiery towers of steam, ashes and tsunamis.
This event caused a sudden drop of the global sea levels and many costal cities in South America eventually found themselves elevated by few thousand feet in matter of days.

Survivors of this apocalyptic event are the native people of Polynesian islands, some of which are cannibals and quite rightfully so given the harsh conditions they had to endure after all was lost literally overnight, around the year 10.000 BCE.

Status of the Man project
The Eden project was to create a creature fully operating on the material plane whilst also being fully aware and connected to the creative Source.
The Elder souls eventually came to realize the failure of this project given their hesitancy to fully live within the flesh and preferring the bliss of the ethereal planes and dimensions. They failed to fully rise the vibration of the material plane, to fully develop the human divine potential of creativity within the matter.

However the Man project was not a total loss, just a first attempt at a complicate integration process.
The project lives on even today and the legend has it that a time shall come when mankind will fully re-connect his mind and soul to the Source, find bliss, solace and inspiration to bring about great new things on planet Earth and beyond.

Sources: The body of Work of James Churchward and The Lemurian Way by Lauren Thyme / Sareya Orion

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