The Kingdom of 1000 years

The year zero of the Kingdom is the year when mankind met the others, which is the alien lifeforms part of the galactic society.
The following 1000 year period of time represents the point of maturity for mankind, and like all good things, it looks as though it will have an end.

The beginning
This period is mostly about restoring life support and environmental/industrial infrastructures after WW III, it also involves the reforming of society against different societal models based on blockchain and more advanced societal models already discussed.

The maturity
In this period the humans will finally start contributing to the advancement of the galactic community and will be involved in a number of science, social and physic projects.
One area of great interest in which humans excel is planetary engineering and development given our experience in rebuilding our own native planet.

As already discussed, life arises spontaneously on each planet, however only planets with an important Carnot power coefficient and availability of liquid bodies and gaseous atmospheres have high enough potential for a speedy development of life within them.
Then a number of different habitable zones can be identified other than the water-substrata / carbon-based ones convenient mostly to humans and other carbon based life forms.
Other type of habitable zones can be based on hydrogen sulfide but require stronger gravitational pull to hold together such liquid bodies.

Other zones could involve liquid methane and other hydrocarbon chains; however, these are much cooler planets and therefore the Carnot coefficient is too low to allow for a decent life development speed. Then the fun for bioengineers of the future is to select fast evolving molecules and life forms tailored for these low Carnot potential planets, thus allowing for life colonization on all sorts of planetary bodies with great diversity of pressure/temperature/molecular conditions.
All sorts of botanical and zoological planets will be created, studied, improved upon with the greatest contributions coming from human bio and planetary engineers.

The end
It started slowly, by allowing currency to be created at the base (wages for civil servants) without it being destroyed at the top (megacorporations net profit streams), then greater chunks of currency base got syphoned into the accounts of corporations and along with it came the power to influence the decision and developments of dubious infrastructural projects .

The beginning of the decay is also attributed to the abuse of advanced medicine technology allowing human bodies to revert the arrow of time aging and stay alive and young for indefinite periods of time, this caused even more power to be concentrated in the hands of immortal beings making claims on everything.

It is hard to grasp the details of the fall of the Kingdom from our viewpoint, even with the advance in time travel and astral travel technologies and techniques as it is hard to find unbiased brains and consciousnesses capable of penetrating possibilities so far in time.
In fact the kingdom of 1000 years might as well have lasted 1500 or even as much as 1800 years (or as low as 750 years!) depending on imponderable possibilities and future choices yet to be made!

Eventually a league of corporations prepared a coup, to break free from the leash of the Torah foundation and the external influence of the galactic community, thinking that humans will fare better on their own and shall be allowed to expand freely without any political or ethical restriction from the galactic community.

Of course the wiser among the humans saw it coming and managed to flee to other planets as political refugees, others just decided to de-materialize and move on to other level of existence, and finally a few wise ones stayed behind to help out the rest of mankind to escape and brace for the political turmoil leading toward an armed conflict with the galactic societies.

Antimatter bombs
The simplest way to make an antimatter bomb is as follow:

1) Capture of an asteroid or other planetary body of relevant mass from a nearby galaxy made of antimatter.

2) Transportation of the same via gravitational currents or hypertravel nearby the planetary target (made of matter).

3) Final acceleration of the antimatter body against the planet or spaceship target. Depending on speed and section of impact all or most of the antimatter will convert into heat and radiation (antimatter explosion yield).

Toward the end the league of corporations was ready to strike and affirm themselves through violence and they produced an arsenal of antimatter bombs, this is when the galactic community had to intervene for good in order to prevent a galactic war.
Of course human civilization kept living through the ones who escaped and fled and they kept contributing to various degrees on different branches of knowledge till also these last ones eventually faded into history.

By then Mankind will have achieved its maturity, accomplished and contributed to life expansion within many galaxies, and ultimately faded at the end of its natural lifecycle.

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