Eugenetic logic

Laws are not coming from God, nor Trump and not even Berlusconi for that matter. Laws are a formalization of a state of affair and average behavioral practices refined by the genes throughout thousands of years of trials and errors in order to achieve two simple goals: Reliably ensure genes are copied over to the next generation AND minimize waste of energy and lives throughout the copying process.

Similar to societal stratification being embedded in our social makeup, genetic behavioral logic also called eugenetic ought to be studied as a way to provide insight and guidance for legislators and judges in all these applications and issues where a coldly rational solution might yield ethically unsatisfactory laws or lead to completely inapplicable and unmanageable situations.

The seven basic rules of genetic logic reflect the round-trip journey of a life and they point toward practical improvements of lifecycle quality.

The first three rules relate to the outgoing journey of a soul into human life and integration within the society, the next three rules relate to the journey back from human life and adulthood back toward the final dissolution of the body. The last rule breaks the perfect efficiency and equilibrium of the first six ones, it induces strains and inefficiencies in the behavioral processes in order to spur diversity, dynamism and innovation in the genetic (social) process.

1) Survive

On a micro level it reflects the teaching of our mums and dads telling us to take care, not to take unnecessary or life threatening risks, stay out of harm’s way, yield if you are outgunned or run if you can escape a dangerous situation, hesitate not to take a life if it comes down to ¬†yours or his.

On a macro level it spurs regulations and laws meant to increase the stability of our ecosystem, development of regional agricultural cells and distribution centers in such a way that even if one region goes offline for whichever reason, other regions can step up and support spare production capacity in order to minimize disruption or loss of basic services (water/food/medicine/connectivity).

Early schooling and education also relate closely to basic survival needs.

2) Heal

From a genetic point of view, the biological molecule which, although damaged and with impaired functionality, can repair itself and partially or totally restore its functionality, well this molecule has more chances of breeding and copying itself over as opposed to other molecules which cannot restore themselves back into a functional state.

Similarly, for human society it is of utmost importance to keep and stay healthy as much as possible. All programs favoring physical activity or healthier lifestyles are supported and financially encouraged or free of charge!

For all these humans which are damaged because of accidents or other causes it is important to restore functionality as far as reasonably possible. From a macro perspective, an impaired human life causes a significant drag on economic activities not just for himself but also for the people around him or her as opposed to this person being brought back to his pristine productivity level or at least not being a burden for the people around him.

Data in the future will show clearly how regions with higher healthcare coverage and programs actually thrive a lot better than regions with lower coverage and programs, therefore global healthcare policies will become more and more fundamental.

3) Breed

This is not a necessary step for everybody but still it is a genetic staple of human activity:

Whichever useful genetic information allowed something to survive and endure, eventually it should care to copy this valuable information over to make sure this thing called life doesn’t just end but keeps thriving and stays around a little while longer.

In fact the cell who can breed faster than the others nearby eventually takes it all, as we can see with humans displacing every other life form either vegetable or animal, and replacing the surface of the Earth with infrastructures convenient for us and an our pets whilst the native wildlife needs to squeeze within smaller and smaller ecological niches.

However sad this might be, this is not unprecedented in the societal development of primitive intelligent life forms. Eventually the tide will change and humans will mature into creative generators and caretakers of the most diverse life forms on Earth and other planets too.

In the meantime, we need to again make sure that humans thrive and are raised to the highest standards in order to make the best out of each human life and improve the resiliency of mankind through centuries.

The reform of the marital contract

Although religious marriages will still be popular within certain parts of world populace, the civil marriage is effectively a working contract recorded within the blockchain file of two persons and no more which agree to put together their time and resources to raise children, basically they promise to work and serve one another for the greater good of forging a human life into society.

There will be many types of marital contracts available as template, and each entry and line is editable according to personal preferences. No detail is left to the case and also dissolution clauses are agreed and countersigned before the contract goes into effect.

The basic function of the marital contract is to make sure that the offspring generated by or assigned to the couple will receive enough financial care and support from both parents whether they are still married or not.

A few fun things to note: Since astral travel and empathy penetration increases every century among humanity, it is much more difficult if not impossible to hide cheating or affairs, hence the need to make provision for these kind of things within the marital contract. The natural consequence of this fact is that greater tolerance is naturally developed as long as both parties still enjoy being together and there are no other children generated outside of the couple which could pose a financial threat or debase the stability of the couple, thus endangering the emotional and financial stability of their children.

What about the gay community?

Gay couples are alive and well in the future and they often have children of their own too, whether breed among them or assigned from human cloning programs.

To all those who are wondering about the ethics of gay couples having and raising children of their own, I shall refer to an important and influential Italian philosopher which cracked these kinds of ethical dilemmas with the following 3 questions:

a) Are gay people hurting themselves?

Answer: No, or better to say they don’t hurt themselves more than straight couples normally do within the holy wedlock anyway.

b) Are they hurting others?

Answer: Unless you are a bigot, then no one really gets hurt by what might or might not happen under the sheets of someone else’s bed.

c) Are they paying taxes?

Answer: Who cares? The important point here is about being a productive and contributing members of society as will be discussed in the next point.

In this regard then you can be as sexually fluid as you like, as long as you don’t burden society with all sorts of special requests and concessions, then all the rest is pretty much OK under the general rule of live and let live.

The fact that society is much more sexually liberal in the future doesn’t mean that everything goes. Pedophilia is still very much a crime and treated as a deviation to uproot.

From an egoistically genetic logic it made sense back in the days for a grownup to sexually manipulate younger kids, as this practice could have had potentially explosive genetic yield as opposed to convincing someone of age and with more sophistication to breed with you.

Unfortunately, pedophilia doesn’t pass the 3 rules we highlighted above, namely the live and let live and most importantly don’t harm.

4) Work

After breeding, we no longer are the beautiful flower in the meadow as we were in our childhood. We now become the stem through which all the load is carried through, which means we have to work to support our children/family or to improve society or a combination of above.

Once again it is not so much about contributing financially to the family to support the children as the blockchain will always provide for those in need. It is about ensuring people do something useful with their time and brain so that society improves and gets richer, not necessarily in a material way but also in a cultural way.

On a macro level it is about developing policies to keep people engaged in work or university programs especially as the work to free time ratio decreases and society builds more efficient machines and means of production which expand the definition of free basic needs.

At some point in time, space colonization will provide the main thrust in terms of motivation to succeed but eventually our eyes will look inward and excellence in biological sciences will become the ultimate frontier and motivator to human society.

Genetic engineering and constant improvement and perfection of human bodies is something we will be looking forward to as well as creation, preservation, restoration and improvement of other lifeforms for planetary colonization projects.

5) Serve

After you have contributed to society during your prime years, you must make plans to step away from it all and leave space for younger ones to take charge behind the mast. This doesn’t mean you are exempted from work, it means you have to make a leap of faith and embrace change, take charge of secondary or sometimes unrelated assignments.

It might well be as a volunteer in some complicate social situation, or even supporting your own children coming of age and requiring support to establish their own family. Again there is a certain flexibility in when you want to step down and what you want to do after but you need to be aware and bow to the concept that life is change so you need to adapt to novelty and be prepared to be surprised.

This step is particularly hard to digest for captains of industry and yet they might not live forever, nor they will retain mental sharpness till their very last day, also they are aware they mustn’t get in the way and they should allow or promote novelty within their organization.

An interesting point related to this was the re-discovery of something dating as back as the Atlanteans, which is a wonder healing machine capable of keeping a human body healthy and at a steady age for an indefinite period of time, then you could literally live forever!

This is seen as somewhat of an aberration, as the society is unable to evolve into something else if the old keeps hanging around and makes claims on everything that is and will be owned, which is the definition of a society growing beyond the stability threshold of its stratification curve.

This is again something of interest defining the late period and one of the factors causing the end of the kingdom of 1000 years.

6) Sacrifice

As your body gets older it will reach a stage when it won’t be able to function and serve any longer despite all the technological and genetic patches and boosts. It is now time to look up to your end of life plans.

The details about end of life care and plans are recorded in your blockchain file along with your will file. A number of templates are available and can be changed and revised through the years by the owner as needed.

You can trigger your end of life protocol (AKA assisted suicide) at any time in your adult life or you can cling on to an elderly life until a doctor verifies and certifies the non-viability of additional therapies or palliative care procedures. In any case provisions are in place to help people move through this phase of life.

Common options for your end of life

One thing you can do is to put aside financial means for caretakers to look after your body for as long as possible, or you can find a caretaker among your close relatives, this again for those who are not really ready to move on with their after-life.

Other options include clearing all loose ends (properties and monetary possessions, farewell your friends and family) and ultimately plan your departure date and method in a medically assisted way.

An important note for all those who believe that suicide is bad practice and will come back to sting you in your karmic back, a lot will be discovered about the logic of afterlife as opposed to stricter religious beliefs popular in these times (I recommend the interested reader to lookup Michael Newton‘s work).

To summarize this briefly, it is in general bad to commit suicide unexpectedly as it leaves a scar in the mind and emotional body of your relatives and friends. Moreover when you “wake up” on the other side you will feel extremely ashamed and disappointed of having ended your life in such a cowardly way and leaving so many other life paths upset by this, so you are very keen in coming back again quickly into a human life to make up for this, but this new human life will not be any easier than your previous one and all the strains and difficulties you had to tackle in your earlier life will still be there to haunt you in the next one once again…

On the other hand, it is no shame to be prepared for death, to avoid unnecessary sufferance for yourself and the people around you with an excessively long and burdening disease and to clear all loose ends and farewell your family before taking the plunge.

Make no mistake, all souls will be challenged sooner or later and will have to learn to cope and make the best out of corrupted or damaged bodies. This lesson might well be learned during the lifetime you are living right now or it could be learned through a dedicated life in your karmic plan in the future, or you might have been learned already this lesson in one of your past lives (then you should no longer really care about living into a damaged host body for prolonged periods of time).

In a nutshell: Ending your own life is much simpler, faster and painless than what you think, however leaving at the right time of your life without emotional strains or surprises for your friends and family or without leaving karmic scars behind, well this is where the wisdom of living (and dying) becomes a fine art. It is only up to you, not to God nor priests, nor doctors to decide how far you want to push yourself it in this life.

7) Be open to anti-genetic behaviors

The first six rules related to a perfectly efficient genetic molecule doing all the good things to ensure life and information endure stably and efficiently through time but the role of mankind is not just purely and coldly genetic.

A soul piece is added into each body and the agenda of the soul might be different from the agenda of the genes. In this respect the soul is piggy riding the body to make as many experiences and leanings off each earthly life and all this is to empower the souls and make them wiser even though these experiences might clash against a coldly genetic behavioral logic.

Anti-genetic behaviors relate to caring for impaired family members beyond a cold cost-benefit analysis, or to avoid direct breeding or to sacrifice yourself for a cause beyond hope or to spare (or save) someone else’s life even though it might well end up costing yours…

In any case many of these experiences provide seeds for innovations within society and are recognized as a necessity.

The Cain molecule

Despite all these good innovations and newly discovered awareness, Cain genetic logic is still very much alive in the future and has to be dealt with.

Cain logic refer to all these behaviors which were advantageous in a situation of emergency but which are unwanted nuisances in an advanced evolved society.

Imagine Abel abiding piously to the six plus one golden rules listed above and subsequently God himself rewards him with riches.

Then on the side imagine Cain, he is no good at genetic logic, at being productive and friend with society, or maybe he was struck by an accident or a catastrophe so its success rate was badly hampered.

In this case then the Cain molecule will have to take a shortcut and instead of building things, he will take things forcefully from those who have more.

Instead of finding and convincing a partner to breed with him, once again he will take one with force and this was a pretty rude and yet straightforward way to get the genetic agenda of the Cain molecule through.


Jails are perfect examples today of slowing Cain molecules down and indirectly decrease their reproduction rate. After all there are only so many years statistically available for breeding so taking a few away from a Cain molecule means he or she won’t be able to copy itself over as much as the other free Abel molecules.

Jail is not necessarily seen as a place to lazily lay back but is in fact a workplace in the sense that you are implementing policies in which inmates fix what they have broken at least figuratively as certain damages (ie murder) cannot truly be paid back.

Depending on how productively you spend your working day your debt toward society can be re paid faster, especially if you join long and tedious space exploration programs with lot of isolation to go by.

If you don’t want to work then you will just have to stay idle for longer time and that is also a way to go.

As for the death penalty, it was somewhat common during the early years of the Kingdom, also considering the scarcity of means to maintain the logistic of jails and related facilities, but eventually this practice will fall out of grace also considering the decaying statistic of murders.

One interesting tidbit about death penalty in the future is that it can only be performed by the parents of the victim!

I can hear already those screaming for the human rights of inmates and so on and so forth.

The main right inmates will have access to in the future is the right to be forgotten, in the sense that once the debt has been paid, we don’t want blockchain records and unwanted publicity to stand in the way of full integration of people within society although these files will be available to judges and police officers within the framework of criminal investigations.

Mind conditioning technologies might be possible in the future to influence and reshape undesired behavioural patterns as opposed to going the long way (prison) to simply slow Cain genes down.

Silly laws

At the beginning of this post we clarified how laws are a formalization of behavioral state of affairs already implicitly agreed upon by members of society, still it could happen that some politicians or tycoons delude themselves in making and then try to enforce anti-genetic laws with disastrous consequences for society.

Imagine politicians mandating poverty for billions of people by ordering them to stay home and NOT go to work, or telling them they are non-essential people to society…

Imagine the criminalization for being with friends and family members, or the plague of large gatherings and people having good time together in general.

Although there might very well be good reason for enforcing anti-genetic and unnatural policies, the cold logic behind them clashes with the instincts which dictate us to provide for our family and enforce our position and intimacy within our clan or group of friends.

So rational decisions and laws must be weighed against their implementability, the goal behind to avoid criminalizing large chunks of society or needlessly impair the life of normal people with huge fines or unneeded jail time.

A society which spirals into a police state is a society which spends more and more of its resources to bring offline productive members and it becomes a fascist police state.

Politicians can decide to de-escalate the situation and ease some of the laws, or they can chase the white rabbit of law and order (whose law? Whose order?) at any cost (all costs!) until all the jails are beyond capacity and all the good workers are too alienated to contribute productively to society.

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