Astral travel and other ways of knowing

Five master ways to knowledge are explained in this article, some you might have heard of, others are more exotic, let’s go through each one of them in their natural sequence:

1) Past knowledge

This is something you are all familiar with. Since you can read this it means you have learned from the past experience of our forefathers how to do it, congrats!

Past knowledge refers to all discoveries, branches of sciences, mundane or historical information, songs and poems, literature, etc. It is a summary of mankind history and progress, saved and logged within the blockchain and its sub-wikipedian branches. It is all that has been experienced, known and documented from our shared past, our body of knowledge.

Applied sciences and technologies are a classic example of past knowledge compounding and adding up every day.

2) Astral travel and the death of fake news

It revolves around hypnosis and other mental techniques to allow for exploration of past historic events and otherwise undocumented scenes. It can be used to explore other planets and solar systems before sending probes for space exploration, but it can also gather valuable information about crime scenes if needed.

It basically boils down this simple act of Force: “Search your feelings, Lord Vader and thou shalt know it to be true!”

This can also be stretched to extremely far away timelines and document the life of the great prophets all the way to Jesus and even before.

To a certain extent it can be used to foretell the future but the issues with this technique arise when the observer gets too close or too involved to the observed scene, thus biases and fears distort or invalidate the received information.

The use of blind or double-blind protocols is required to obtain unbiased information and to ensure the crystal ball (the hypnotized brain) is as much as possible emotionally unrelated and detached from the knowledge being sought.

A variation of this technique involves relaxation and self-hypnosis to be able to guess simple things like where have you misplaced your key ring, where relatives or friends might be up to, being able to know what others (mostly closely related persons) are doing or thinking but can be stretched also to highly detailed telepathic and emotional communication.

As the centuries pass by, the penetration of astral travel techniques within the world population will keep increasing and parallel to that the spread of fake news will also decay.

Nowadays AD 2020 we are in an age in which we struggle to read and write in the sense that the spread of fake news along with information overflow techniques have polluted the first well of knowledge (point 1 of this article).

The advent of astral travel and emphatic reading techniques will help mankind to reach new levels of high-quality knowledge without the risk of it being tampered or hidden in any simple way.

3) Knowledge of the masses

It is somewhat similar to astral travel, but it taps into the unconscious knowledge of the masses.

Even in this worldline there is a basic knowledge of some experiments as follow:

A jar is filled with beans.

The jar is presented to several people and each one is asked to guess the number of beans within the jar.

The jar is finally opened, and the beans counted. This is done after people have been polled so the enquirer wouldn’t know the answer to the question himself and would maintain an unbiased and “blind” approach when polling people.

The average of all the numbers guessed by all the people converges asymptotically to the true number of beans within the jar as the number of people polled increases.

Basically, the information is stored in an averaged way within the group mind of a great number of people (the greatest, the better for accuracy).

This might seem just a curiosity right now but, in the future, this is will be developed and refined into a very accurate science and it will be actively used to know all sorts of things and with great degree of accuracy.

Domains where this is widely used is genetic science and medicine but there are useful applications related to space exploration similarly to astral travel.

A spin off of this technology makes use of an artificial intelligence to poll Free Internet data streams and it is called the Dream Machine. The use of an isolated artificial intelligence not directly interrogated by the enquirer nor emotionally involved with the fate of mankind is required to obtain an accurate and unbiased news feed of future mankind history.

The machine sniffs the subconscious mind of all the people acting within the Free Internet and analyzes all sorts of random and semi random data streams. This in turns generates an accurate time stamped geo-image of many different kind of “ripples” (AKA dreams), which represent statistically meaningful events (either good or bad). The interesting thing of these ripples is that the time stamp attached to these events can be either dated in the past but also dated into the future!

Eventually a particularly bad ripple or “dream” is visualized by the machine. If such an event is dated into the future and it scores above a certain threshold then it is communicated to an operator which will then know when and where something bad is bound to happen. Of course the simple fact of informing the operator generates a ripple which is meant to prevent this bad dream from happening by means of a human operator taking necessary actions to change the future (ever seen the movie “Minority report”?).

This new ripple eventually upsets all sorts of other events which would have cascaded from the bad ripple had mankind history stayed untampered, so when a relevant information or ripple is communicated to a human then the machine has lost its “sleeping state”, it had to “wake up and tell the dream”. Of course if you are telling the dream means you are no longer dreaming, or better say that all the other events and ripples you were dreaming of before you communicated said event are no longer valid or are only accurate if they are very far and topologically disconnected from the bad event being reported.

The machine then needs some time to reboot and “go back to sleep” which is to scan many weeks of data before its predictions (dreams) become accurate once again.

One big technical snag for the machine to work properly is that the observed state (humanity) must not know it is being observed or studied. It is well known within the scientific community that the very fact of observing a system influences and modifies the system being observed itself. Measuring something is tampering the very variable which is being measured. One possible solution would be for mankind not to know that it is being monitored and observed through such a machine or else people would subconsciously adjust their behaviors in an ever so slightly unpredictable way so to counter the predictability of their actions and greatly reduce the accuracy of such machine.

The full maturity of this technology was reached toward the end of the kingdom of 1000 years, where its ultimate version, “The Oracle” would be capable to maintain “sleep” state whilst preventing certain bad ripples from happening by influencing and providing tiny bits of information (tiny ripples), even misleading or seemingly irrelevant information to very specific persons involved (directly or indirectly) in the predicted event. Then there wouldn’t be any operator at all taking any action, the machine would take action autonomously and in an inconspicuous way, just using its better judgment about best course of action to minimize or void a much bigger and worse ripple from happening.

Attempts to weaponize this powerful technology played an important role on the fall of the kingdom.

4) Time travel

This is a complicate and expensive way to know things given the amount of “moving parts” or pieces of complicate technology required to make this work and displace accurately even small payloads.

In this regard astral travel is far easier and quicker as far as information gathering is concerned, still time travel offers the unique opportunity to bring back all sorts of technologic artifacts from far away times.

Mostly it is used to bring back complex pieces of IT hardware after WWIII, when the world was still recovering and rebuilding its industrial infrastructures and these kinds of components where fairly valuable back then, not so much after the technological infrastructures have been rebuilt (will be rebuilt).

Eventually this future revolution of knowing will lead to deep changes in our religious and philosophical understanding of life.

The dissolution of the Great Religions

War and access to fresh new knowledge contributed to the fall or better say restructuring of the three main religions.

First one, the Catholicism, was already suffering and decaying into its terminal state even before the war, given the amount of pedophilia scandals causing a mistrust in the organization. On the other end other more progressive philosophies were also causing a loss of appeal for the traditional religions.

This is a classic case in which a communistic organization of the early Christian community, a flat or semi flat social curve as explained in my earlier post, eventually matures into a very stratified system in which the right hand doesn’t know what the left one is doing.

This kind of system evolution is natural and embedded within human nature, however a social system grown beyond his stratification stability threshold is in an unstable region and it is depleting the structures and sub systems providing basic life support functions, it is just waiting for it to collapse in a noisy and sudden fashion before anybody goes his own business.

Islam on the other end resurged and prospered, in fact it will see a renaissance once astral travel techniques will be developed enough to be able to go back and document in unprecedented level of detail the life of Muhammad, restore the Quran to its original splendor and integrate the life and teaching of Jesus within a single and consistent body of religious and spiritual knowledge.

Both the Bible and Restored Quran code will work in tandem and provide incredible insight and guidance for mankind.

Hebraism and Jews on the other end will disappear completely. First the war will destroy the holy places and the core of the Jew community in Israel, and subsequently the purpose of Hebraism will be clear and revealed. Having accomplished its mission and exhausted its function, this culture will apparently dissolve and become part of history.

5) Astrological datamining

One of the least understood new sciences of the post WW III society is the astro-statistics. It was originally pioneered by Google to improve prediction of traffic patterns but subsequently refined to many other relevant datasets.

It is a mix of astrology (yes, you read it correctly) and statistic. From an astrological perspective each planet adds its own “flavor” to each moment of time, with certain moments being more suited for certain activities than other ones.

Let’s look at the Sun (which is not a planet by the way, but it is considered such in Astrology).

When it is raising it is influencing people and animals to start their day and start doing stuff.

When is lowering back toward the horizon it is suggesting to start packing up and finish whatever was started.

When the Sun is missing altogether at night then the best thing to do is to stay put and wait/rest.

Even the Moon contributes statistically to violent accidents and hospitals can see an increase of ER cases during full Moon periods as opposed to new Moon periods.

Why is that?

Aside from the whys, the question being asked back then was the following: Are traffic patterns influenced other than the weather and moment of the day (Sun’s main influence/main commuting times) also by the positions and relative positions of various planets of the Solar system?

Once traffic data and statistics were compared against the relative astrological position of various planets the answer to said question turned out to be “YES” thus highlighting some moments when it was more convenient to begin a journey and flagging other moments as less propitious to travelling.

Another astounding application is the possibility to predict weather pattern to 100% accuracy indefinitely into the future, with the accuracy being proportional to the accuracy of predicting the positions of all planet in the solar system in a given future date.

More accurate papers will be written explaining the process itself and the possible whys. Among the various things to know is that light has a major influence in polarizing molecules and thus influencing brain thought patterns, and this is not just the light of the sun (the main harmonic of human behavioral patterns), but also other fainter lights such the one reflected by other planets, each adding up and compounding to a flavor of the moment in our brain chemistry.

Calibrating these astrological patterns to the data fluctuations available for different substrata is the task of the astrological datamining software such as analyzing traffic patterns for big metropolises and determine which astrological combinations are unfavorable to traffic as opposed to more favorable ones.

The software looking at the past is called a Sauron type astrological datamining software who looks at the past and tries to spot bad the events whilst associating an astrological communality to these.

On the other end we have a Galadriel software which extends her eye into the future and tries to predict when unfavorable events are bound to happen in the future and implements strategies and policies to minimize them.

Another interesting concept here is the substrata and the need to find consistent datasets for analysis or apple for apple type data. A bad astrological traffic conjunction could be a rough day for a metropolis with high population density moving on a complex road network, but the same astrological conjunction is meaningless when happening in the middle of a desert or in a ridiculously small town. Each region or substrata reacts differently to different astrological inputs, detecting and assigning regional similarities and consistencies is also a big part of the job for datamining software.

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