Ingredients for 12 – 16 people
1) Mascarpone, 2 x 450, Costco grade or better
2) Eggs, 13 small ones or 10 big ones
3) Savoiardi or lady fingers (5 – 6 packs)
4) Coffee
5) Sugar
6) Cacao powder
7) One shot of vanilla sirup
8) Optional: One shots of rum, whiskey, brandy

Getting started
Get the coffee going first as it will take some time, 4 mocas as per picture or about 1.2 liters of coffee by a foundationer reckoning. Put it in a pan on the oven warmer zone and add sugar to it.

How much sugar? Sip it until it tastes too sweet, then that’s the right quantity!

Get the mascarpone cream going
Separate the egg yolk and album (do this first without the mascarpone, if an egg is bad you only lose the eggs, not the valuable and rarer mascarpone) and beat the album tick.
Mix the mascarpone with the egg yolks, add sugar then add also the tickened albums.
How much sugar you might ask? Same as per the coffee.
The official QC procedure calls for the chef to stick is finger in the mascarpone cream and…Well…if it tastes good then it must be just ok.

Finally add the vanilla syrup or the shot of rum!

Pest control
If you have pets, pests or even family members, well you might be asking for troubles and you will need to keep the bowl with the mascarpone cream constantly on your line of sight to avoid unwanted shrinkages of product.

Biscuits, coffee and cream
Get the savoiardi spread on a pan or tapper ware, sugar side up. You can also add ladyfingers or even madeleines. If ladifingers beware they might be too dry and won’t suck up the coffee, best to cut them in half to improve permeability to coffe.

Subsequently soak the biscuit with the warm coffee, 2 to 3 table spoon per biscuit (or more but beware, the more you put, the mushier it will be when serving)

Add a layer of cream on top of the soaked biscuits, then add another layer of biscuits on top, with coffee and a final layer of cream.

Final touches
Add a thin layer of cocoa powder. If you put too much you might be finding yourself coughing at the first bite.
Also note the tapper ware format, convenient shareable portions with friends and neighbors (very efficient way to make friends and lose taper wares).

You can also use scraps of creams to make small cup size portions or just the mascarpone cream with biscuits for all those parents who prefer not to feed coffee to their children at dinner before bedtime.

Leave it in the fridge for at least a couple of hours before serving to give some time to the cream to solidify a bit.