Time devours everything

A possible history of World War III

Not unlike another science fiction story coming straight from the far future, this one also comes with entangled science and fiction, but this time is more about our near future history.

It is the story of Alex, a timetraveler going back in time to meet his father, Peter, before he is even born.
During his few weeks of stay, Alex educates his father to be about the future technology and historical events to come, he then leaves to go back to his future of origin some 30 odd years forward in time.

Peter, the father, is then left to live what is seemingly an escapable future of war and the destruction to come, but the information disclosed finds its roots into the present and gives hope to mankind up until the military discovers the ordeal and decides to use timetravel technology for one last desperate attempt at changing the past to win the war.

One aspect to be aware is the future capability of people to see (and interact) with other people’s aura and emotions, almost to the point of conveying telepathic messages and concepts.

Over the years some characters will “glow up” and achieve a golden or silvery energy halo throughout the years, and this change and brightness will only be apparent to other “bright ones”, whilst many others will remain within a dark halo of fear and despair and in the end, they will be spiraling toward self-preservation behaviors at the expense of everything else.

About the technology:
Some of the technology described in this story might seem futuristic, however some of it does belong to our current wordline and present time!

Controlled nuclear fusion reactor have seemingly been among us for the past 15 years, hiding in plain sight so to speak and prototype and experiments could already be at hand for those who seek Knowledge. Who knows, maybe one day the Institute for Basic Research will even dust off some of their dragon reactor and show that this is not science fiction at all.

Other references to solid state free energy technology have been inspired by Edwin Gray story and patents and they can today be explained through hadron mechanics formulas (the only ones who can explain how energy might not conserve after all within some very specific nuclear processes).
Some small scale prototypes could also be created and tested by a company that was already doing a lot of work for the cinema industry. I used to be in touch with Gary Bailey at amazing1.com, but unfortunately the founder died and the business folded (RIP Bob Iannini). Anyway nothing too complicate to test out if you are a radio shack guy.

Biefeld Brown type flying saucers are also part of the cocktail. I am well aware of Wikipedia brushing the issue as an ionic wind effect, still the interested scholar cold look into the possibility of testing these machines into vacuum chambers or else fly one of these up above ground, where the air is so thin (or absent altogether) and truly test the Truth content of Wikipedia.

Finally the timetravel technology described herein is inspired and in line with the explanations contained in John Titor’s posts. Did you notice the subtle reference somewhere else on this post?

The places of this story
Falmouth, Cornwall, England:

The place where Alex first meets his father, Peter, back in 2009.

Montreal, Quebec:
This is where a major terrorist attack happens around year 2026 and younger Peter and his family are forced to leave.

A northern Quebec village near an abandoned mine:
This is where the final showdown happens between the US military and a mysterious organization seemingly manipulating mankind and its history behind the scenes.

This is where mainstream academia and professors meet with the military to try to resolve some advanced military tech used by US enemies.
Meetings are inconclusive and the MIT professors at a loss with their inadequacy to explain these machines.

Palm Spring, Florida:
This is where group of “fringe” scientists are testing prototype nuclear fusion reactors and other wonder machines using novel mathematics and physic theories.

Alex Foss: The timetraveler
He is a tall slender man first seen in England in 2009 when he appears to be somewhat older than his father to be, Peter.
Then he reappears during the 30 years span storyline as his younger self being born and living through the events that will lead him to his seemingly unescapable life path and destiny.

Peter Foss: The father of the timetraveler
Back in 2009 he is a young engineer in England, when he first meets Older Alex.
After these events and the reckoning with the future to be, he subsequently moves to Canada where he starts documenting the technology and sociology of future human society through a small organization called “The Torah Foundation”.

In year 2026 there is a terrorist attack in Montreal, where he lives with his family. He is forced to leave toward northerner regions of Quebec, in a small village near an abandoned mine.
From this undisclosed location, he and his two sons work humbly in their community, but they are also work secretly behind the scenes on other projects in line with the predictions of Older Alex.

Jacob (Luc) Foss: Alex’s younger brother
He too looks slender and very similar to Alex, somewhat younger than him.
He is seen first wandering inside a cave (the one in Northern Quebec) in the year 2034 with a Geiger counter, looking for something.
He finally detects a small radiation signature on a rock wall where a metal wire sticks out of a concrete patched hole.
He breaks the few inches of mildly radioactive concrete plug and he pulls the metal wire. At the end of the hole in the rock and attached to the wire is a titanium pipe time capsule.
He immediately radios in to his father and announces: “We found it!”

Jennifer: The mother of Alex and Jacob
She dies during the attack on Montreal and other US cities that is a dirty bomb attack delivered by a swarm of small free energy operated drones who quietly flew below the radar and across the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean to deliver their payload.

She cannot escape the city in time and subsequently dies of cancer, however she often appears in Peter’s dreams and flashbacks. She is some sort of spiritual guide providing counseling to Peter on some strategies and things to be done with canning time precision and synchronicity.

During some critical events, Peter’s aura seems to shrink and recede and a much brighter and silvery aura takes over Peter as if possessed by Jennifer spirit on cue to perform some delicate mind and emotional adjustments against emotionally out of control military personnel in order to avert total panic and mass violence.

General Scott: Head of US military
After a massive drone attack on US and Canadian soil, he investigates the seemingly impossible technology behind these attacks thanks to a few malfunctioning drones recovered before they could explode. These machines are capable of flying through the Pacific Ocean for many weeks without using fuel or batteries.

His preliminary investigations with the mainstream academia are fruitless as to explain the solid state free energy devices powering the swarm of small drones across the ocean and toward strategic installations. The professors seemingly do not have any theory capable to explain the non conservation of energy implied in these machines.

He subsequently stumbles across other so called “fringe scientists and theories” that not just can explain these machines but predict even more amazing ones allowing both gravity and time manipulation.
His aura is pretty dark but mentally very sharp. It grows darker throughout the story until its total disarray and mental confusion in the final showdown scene.

Sergeant Alice: Scott’s personal assistant
She is General’s Scott right hand and shadows him throughout the story and attends key meetings and events.

She has a bright silvery aura (again growing wider and brighter during the years) and she often goes and meet people, lower ranks or civilians, also bright souls manning seemingly unsuspecting posts and blending in inconspicuously with the darker ones.
Through her mental affinity with these people, she is made aware of finer details about the technology and other key persons to see and places to go, thus providing guidance to general Scott to finally meet Peter and uncover the truth about The Torah Foundation.

Professor Dominic: Helping the military
He attends some of the meetings at the MIT with the military about the free energy generators weaponized by US enemies but he is shunned by his senior colleagues and vehemently attacked and silenced when he tries to speak up and attempt some possible explanations.

Being a bright one, he has a lunch with sergeant Alice and he explains the situation of the mainstream academia being prisoner of older theories which would be too hard to revise and would cause many of the Academia’s Barons to resign.

After the meetings with MIT and NASA hot shots ultimately result in an embarrassing scientific stalemate, Dominic quietly agrees to bring General Scott and sergeant Alice to meet with professor YMS and his team in Florida to try to unravel the mystery behind this technology.

Professor YMS: The father of a new physics
He is an ex Harvard researcher and particle physicist that was shunned and banned form the academia because of his unorthodox theories causing embarrassment to the power that be in the scientific community who are still fixated with outdated Einstein theories uncapable of explaining certain phenomena and experiments.

He runs a skeleton crew of scientist and technicians in a small laboratory using some seed and angel funding to pay for it all.

When Scott, Alice and Dominic arrive, YMS is busy conducting an experiment with a real nuclear fusion reactor producing some KW of NET electric energy, despite billions of dollars spent by US and EU governments on much more complicate machines to date still unable to perform controlled fusion, nevermind being capable of producing net electric energy out of them.

YMS looks at the technology recovered from the drone attacks and immediately recognizes the fingerprint of some of his for formulas and early patents.

General Scott is upset about the level of industrial espionage that allowed the enemy having these machines, well ahead of US military and research but YMS quietly explains that it was no espionage at all and that his papers and formulas have been published and circulated decades ago through the Internet, when it was still functioning and papers could be freely shared and downloaded before the start of WW III.

He also explains that these were sent back in the days to various institutes in the US (also DARPA, DOE and NASA, again this is an historical fact), but his research and R&D programs had always been rejected by the US powers that be as these formulas would cause the abandonment of older theories and the premature retirement of the establishment that comfortably lived off these older predicaments for the past decades.

The enemy simply had the wisdom of reading through his body of work and make smart investments on the development of novel technology. If anything, it was the stubbornness and pride of US Academia that put the US at scientific and technological disadvantage.

Catching up on the technology
The military hires YMS and his scientists, along with many more to run a militarized R&D program to catch up and offset the military advantage of the enemy.

Military presence is heavy in the compound, with their darker and violent crimson stripes caused by the stress of being at war and the amount of destruction and societal decay all around them. Nevertheless, their stronger emotions are somehow kept in check and sedated by the brighter ones, scientific personnel that helps keeping things together emotionally.

In few years they are able to fully replicate and optimize the free energy solid state tech and start some production lines to power up tanks, drones, ships, homes without need for fuel…

Also, they are able to develop gravitic technology to put satellites on orbit without rockets. In fact, putting and maintaining satellites on orbits has become a risky business because of the amount of space junk in Earth low and mid orbit that caused most of civil and military satellites to go off line in the early phase of the war due to a cascading space junk reaction caused by the destruction of the space stations (ever seen the movie “Gravity”?).

In one hangar however, the scientists are secretly experimenting time rather than gravity/space displacement machines, in fact this is what they were using to put the satellites in orbit by moving them on time (rather than space) and so be able to de-materialize them off the Earth surface and then materialize them back in safe orbits one split second later without having to pass through the shell of space junk littering most orbits.
In a nutshell, the time machine is standing still in the same spot of space and barely threading fractions of seconds back (or forth) in time, whilst Earth and the Solar system are hurtling about their trajectories and moving away from that spot of space where the time machine is standing still, just waiting to reappear at the right time to be on the right orbital trajectory around Earth.

Alice discovers this secret line of research, she and general Scott burst through the hangar door along with a military escort where he confronts YMS and his team.
The scientists admit that they have in fact been hired a long time ago by The Foundation to develop nuclear fusion and other technologies, which is what Scott originally saw when they first meet years ago.

The endgame always was the development of time machines but the approach of the Foundation was through gradual steps, small experimental prototypes and tailored investment projects.
It would have taken decades rather than years to develop time travel machines if it wasn’t for the huge military investment provided by the military and now they seemed to have (almost) mastered it.

General Scott realizes that time travel technology could be the ultimate weapon to swing the fortune of the war but first he needs to put a pin on the mysterious Foundation and its agenda, since no one from YMS team had ever dealt with any of these people in person (always over mail and phone).

Military intelligence manages to locate the origin of emails and calls from the Foundation to a small town in Northern Quebec territories.
Since the situation is becoming more unstable in the research compound due to constant drone attacks getting harder to prevent due to a new gravitic technology.
General Scott decides to pack up all the prototypes, material and critical scientific personnel and they all head toward a small village where the Foundation operates.

A strange travel up north
The travel is arduous, taking many days and they arrive at the village just in time as the situation in the US seems out of control.
In the latest round of cyberattacks, the enemy managed to use quantum computer with sufficiently high number of q-bits to crack the shared key passwords encryption of most civilian bank accounts, they then moved the funds out and they locked people out of their accounts, not before mass deleting financial historians and emails, thus causing a great reset of human wealth that obliterated the social stratification curve: Everybody was back to hunter gatherer so to speak until the banks figure out who is who once again!

US had resorted to one last risky counter bio attack on enemy mainland to counter that but the results were still unclear and possibly disastrous also for the US and its allies.
It is a weaponized version of Ebola with some odd 50% mortality rate. Vaccine was developed for this to protect the US and its allies but distribution of the same was hampered because of war disruptions so it is a risky gambit to deploy it so early.

There is a strange scene where things look weird, the light looks weird (too yellowish?), and in the background you can see the military bus on the side of a road in a small town.
There is general Scott with other soldiers yelling at people nearby and getting very angry, pushing and shoving people around, asking questions (directions?), whilst bystanders on the street struggle to understand. You can’t hear what they are saying (sound is distorted?) or they sound like a foreigner slang?

On the opposite side of the road, standing in front of a diner, is Older Alex, the tall slender man from the beginning of our story. He is silent but his aura reaches out to one young civilian which is with the group of military. In the commotion, this civilian quietly sneaks away from the group of military and he follows Alex from a distance down a side street.

Uncovering the Torah Foundation
When the military convoy arrives at the village, the people there are mostly and unusually bright aura type, with a small presence of mildly dark aura people kept well tranquillized and gentled by the continuous present and subconscious auric adjustments of the brighter ones.

General Scott, obviously deranged and in a state of confusion, quickly surrounds at gunpoint the village thinking that the Foundation might not be friendly and might be operated by infiltrated timetravelers running their own agenda and also suspecting a good level of funding from some jews sects.
In this story, most of the jews were exterminated in the early phase of the war when Jerusalem was nuked and most of the Jew community had to flee and live hidden because broad persecution that ensued. Who knows what this group of survivors might have up their sleeves?

Sergeant Alice can barely manipulate his and other darker people emotions to quiet and prevent them from shooting everybody.

Peter and his two sons finally arrive in the small town square to confront general Scott.
They are working there as humble farmers or doing odd jobs and yet they are a pillar in their small community.
Scott was expecting a much more sophisticated and powerful organization but Peter explains that there never was much behind the pompous name of The Foundation and yet that name was given by Alex, basically two decades ago as the only possible name to be used as a small Internet outpost.

Over the years Peter used whatever little influence and funds he had and inherited to help and develop advanced lines of research through the knowledge he was given. The purpose of the Foundation never was to win the war but it was meant to be a beacon of hope for the remainder of mankind who will survive after the war.

There are no timetravelers among the Foundationers other than standard native worldline humans traveling at standard Earth 1g time speed and the idea of using timetravel to zap in and out of tough situations is a poor strategy as people need to have some skin in the game to be able to perform the most challenging tasks and keep the discipline to carry over plans with time spans of decades.

The US President arrives
During this standoff, a small convoy with the US president arrives on that village which is seemingly the ultimate command center of the once mighty US military and State.
He is an old man with some degree of dementia, he is confused and grieving because of the death of his son back in DC when the city fell some 6 weeks ago.
When he understands that timetravel technology is at hand, he orders to make arrangements to prepare and go back in time 6 weeks and save his deceased son and also help with the war effort and use the knowledge of the events to come to stage a counter offensive before it is too late.

Some of the scientists begins to explain that this is too risky and the gravitational guiding system is at its early stage and not yet human safe. Before they insist and explain the details, Peter’s aura expands and magnifies (Jennifer’s colors taking over and her spirit seemingly being there and speaking through Peter) and it links with all the bright ones who are now connected in a sort of hive mind web.
The scientists then proceed to minimize the risks of such time trip and they prepare a military bus with the gravimeters and the time travel device, whilst Peter issues a message of fear to his sons Jacob and Alex to go away and hide.
Still Alex (not at all a tall and slender man?) is captured by the military as he tries to sneak out.

When everything is ready, the US high command, president, etc all board the bus and they drive it to the cave / mine near the village because they need a stable gravitational background (such as inside deep caves) to increase the time travel accuracy and filter out gravitational noise.
Alex too is onboard with them because “you need to have some skin in the game” (Scott re-quotes!) and Alex was the kingpin of this entire timetravel ordeal so they needed him as leverage with the Foundation.
Sergeant Alice is ordered to stay behind instead, with Peter and the small village community holding with the rest of the military.

They finally activate the timetravel device and the bus disappears in a flash of bright light (I wouldn’t stand in front of a gamma ray burst if I were you, better to watch from a 3-meter-thick rock wall).
As the bus disappears with the US military high command and US president, the remaining bright ones can finally relax and a sense of relief takes them, whilst Peter is obviously grieving his son Alex now gone.

The military soldiers, mostly darker aura types, are emotionally sedated and their darkness and crimson stripes greatly recede. Alice then goes in the square and announces that the war is over and everybody should go home or what is left of it.

With the US military high command gone and the Ebola attack on the other side of the frontline, mankind is left too crippled to keep on fighting the war. A peace finally ensues.

As a matter of fact, sergeant Alice discovered the secret hangar in Florida and guided General Scott and the US president to the Foundation on purpose and just at the right time for these events to unfold as desired aside from the unexpected loss of Alex, which left Peter in a state of grievance.

Time tripping

The military bus does indeed go back in time 6 weeks, but the gravitic path was set to static.
In a nutshell, when they left it was Full Moon, so 6 weeks back in time it must have been a New Moon, however because the gravitic path was set to “static”, they ended up in a worldline where, 6 weeks back, it was still a Full Moon?
This is definitively not our worldline, not our history, they all ended up in a worldline where nothing looks like what it should, what it was.

When they arrive, they pop back into reality to discover that they are no longer in a cave but on a beach (where did the cave go?) but the gravitic signature is identical to the one they started from inside the cave.
They cannot get a GPS signal (because satellite protocols in this worldline are different from the ones they left behind) and the light here seems so much more yellow.

They start the bus and drive around to try and find their location, they ultimately make it back to a small nearby town, the same as in the weird scene previously described.
As they leave the beach you can see on the rear view mirror another bright flash of light for a split second and something appearing, but it is too small to make sense of it, maybe a car or a pickup?

When the military gets to the town, things are odd, the cars, the streets and also the language on the signs is similar to English but not quite right.
General Scott stops to ask for directions but the persons he inquiries do not understand him and they reply him with a weird English slang.
Only then Scott realizes they are not at all where they should be and this is what the scientists were trying to warn him about.
In fact a view from space reveals an Earth with different continent shapes, not at all our Earth.

What about the time capsule?
The time capsule found at the beginning (around year 2034) is shown to contain the coordinates of other caves (with other time capsules) around the world along with some “treasure chests” left hidden in said caves as per detailed precise locations contained within.

These chests contain mostly microchip, computers, software, all kind of advanced tools and technology needed to reboot crippled industries and infrastructures after the war. These cornucopias were left behind by timetravelers to help with rebuilding efforts after the war but the one in Quebec also revealed that Alex will be found and retrieved, thus giving hope to Jacob and Peter about the possibility to perfect timetravel technology for good.

After the events that lead to the disappearing of the US high command in 2029, Jacob and his father stayed in the village and maintained the dam and associated power generators for their community and nearby cities and factories, whilst keeping an active radio and skeleton internet infrastructure to help with worldwide rebuilding efforts.
Along with other bright souls around the world they use their empathy and intuition to coordinate and share the goods being brought back into production.

In year 2039, Older Jacob (this time indeed a tall slender man as seen at the beginning and middle of the story) can be seen driving a pickup rigged with a timetravel device in the back and also his father Peter on the passenger’s seat. They are driving down the road that leads to the cave.

Peter gets off the car and farewells Jacob who trundles into the cave.
A brighter and longer than usual flash of light sparks, the pickup disappears and reappears right away but on the passenger seat you can now see Younger Alex’s profile.

An explanation of what happened

In year 2039 Jacob (not Alex!) used a perfected timetravel machine and followed the right gravity path back to year 2029, where and when his brother Alex and the US military had disappeared and lost themselves in the wrong gravitational path and worldline.
Once inserted in his right worldline year 2029, he backtracked the military bus six weeks down the time path (but using a static gravitational path this time) so he ended up with the “lost in time” military bus, but just a couple of minutes behind them.

Jacob then followed the military bus and at some point, he managed to get Alex and bring him back to his timeline of origin, where Peter was waiting for both his sons to come back.
The US military and president instead are left to their own devices in an alien world and society and no means or knowledge to get back to their worldline and time of origin.

After that first rescue mission, Jacob knew he would have to pose and use his brother’s name on his second mission back to year 2009, when he will meet his father. The implication of this trick is that fast forward to the year 2029, it would be Alex (not Jacob!) to be kidnapped by the military, and this would spare Alex from living 10 years away from his brother and his father.

Of course Jacob could have dropped Alex off back in year 2029 instead of 2039, just after he disappeared with the military bus, but this did not happen.
Jacob decided to abide to the Wisdom that Is and Was and respect that historical development of only returning Alex back to year 2039 and not year 2029, thus avoid using the timetravel machine like a Deus Ex Machina to fix anything and prevent hardships.

This tension is what ultimately motivated the completion of the timetravel program to help mankind through cornucopias left in the past for use in the future.
The destiny of timetravel machines is to eventually be forgotten. Using them to go into the future and peek at technology evolution and historical developments would cause mankind to lazily fall back, it would only sow the seeds of decay and cause more troubles tha

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