The man who spliced atoms

“…a specter is haunting the World, the specter of Hadron Mechanics”

The debate surrounding nuclear fusion and the riches implied by energy being “too cheap to meter” has been haunting and eluding scores of well-paid nuclear physicists for many decades and billion dollars of public spending.

Could it be that an Italian scientist, Ruggero Maria Santilli (or RMS for short) has already achieved this scientific landmark more than 20 years ago at a fraction of these costs?

In this article we will explore the science behind the claims of controlled nuclear fusion (codename hyperfusion as per DISCLAIMER section at the bottom) that has been circulating for a while in scientific lounges and what this technology implies for mankind.

Following the white rabbit . . .
First thing we should do is to go and check Ruggero out on Google, and sure enough we are redirected to a Wikipedia page detailing all the human and scientific shortfalls of Ruggero’s life.
Since the Internet DOES NOT lie (?), we can safely dismiss whatever we are going to write in this article henceforth and we can safely click away to our next Internet quest.

A far more mentally dangerous alternative is to follow us through a lesser know biography of RMS (see link from page 5 to 21), his scientific discoveries, the wonder machines he built, tested and certified, the new vistas implied as seen from the eyes of those who have worked and cooperated with Ruggero.

When I first started my quest to determine if RMS was real or just another fake news, I reached out to maaaaaany high profile scientists asking to comment upon the papers and claims of controlled nuclear fusion experiments by RMS which are lightyears ahead of the current state of mainstream nuclear fusion technology.

The feedback I got in almost all cases was a polite but short dismissal of RMS papers and theories under the general umbrella of “skeptic/fringe science”, but still, I could not obtain any specific or scientific criticism to any of RMS formulas.

I fully appreciate the fact that it is not the job of particle physicists to educate the general public on things that we are not supposed to be worrying about, but since I had nothing better to do, I decided to venture further down the rabbit hole of fringe science and I reached out to RMS collaborators to go to the bottom of this once and for all.

Through interviews and mail exchanges I was able to gather a deeper insight about Ruggero’s work and his lifelong quest for scientific Truth, his struggles and setbacks, his victories, and maybe even a glimpse of what might be happening next.

The Einstein, Podolosky and Rosen debate
The EPR argument states that Quantum Mechanic (QM) is not a complete theory, that there are experiments that cannot be fully predicted by QM first principles and that therefore a completion of the same is needed in order to better explain puzzling experimental results.

In September 2020, a small group of scientists gathered to do a series of lectures and to discuss just about that, which is where I got the list of RMS collaborators and much more than what I bargained for…

The conclusion of my research is that despite a tall thick wall of mainstream science being adamant that QM is doing just fine in explaining pretty much everything, this statement is far from being resolved and many scientists are working quietly in the background to resolve the cracks of experimental evidence pointing to the fact that QM is doing everything but fine.

There are quite a few scientific arguments and experiments out there that defy the predictability of QM first principle formulas.
In all these instances a number of “Forces of Nature” or “Wonder Particles” have been introduced into the equations of QM to goalseek the experimental results.

We are talking about things like:
1) The neutrino, a particle that can change its flavor in pretty much anything you need it to be to balance nuclear formulas out.
The neutrino is the joker in the deck of card of particle physic experiments.

2) Dark Matter and Dark energy, two elusive forces capable of flipping over the sign of gravity to justify the exponential expansion of the Universe, in plain defiance of Relativity.
They are called DARK because they only exist on formulas nor are predicted by any first principle theory.

3) Nuclear scattering experiments requiring up to 24 (and counting) potentials = forces of nature to be able to goalseek experimental results.

4) The interior problem of black holes and what happens really into solid matter in general.

In a nutshell:

Nature has no seams

The issue with modern physics is that it is a patchwork of different theories and formulas, all having their applicability within very specific domains and experiments, as if Nature was constantly checking what is going on in a certain region of space and subsequently apply certain formulas and behaviors to that region of space whilst ignoring and discarding the other formulas.

What RMS did through his lifelong body of work was to lift QM, relativity, interior problems, etc into specific cases of a more general theory, the Hadron Mechanic (HM), that fully recovers the results and formulas of existing theories within a simpler and more generic framework. OK, maybe it is not exactly a “simple” framework but still an internally consistent theory where existing formulas and experiments can be predicted from first principle axioms.

In other words, the Occam’s razor principle could be rephrased a bit like this: Nature has no seams, all formulas and their domain of applicability should coexist within a unifying theory SEAMLESSLY.

At distance and vacuum conditions only Hamiltonian type forces apply and QM is fully valid.
Within non completely vacuum media and/or at very close range, surface tensions non-Hamiltonian forces arise as you can tell from the bitterly bickering of the two particles dancing together inside a stable hadronic structure.

The use of these new formulas not just predicts accurately experimental results done in the past, they hint at new applications and technologies that have a real impact in our everyday lives, which is what brings us to our next hot topic.

Controlling nuclear fusion: The quest for unlimited energy
In December 2022, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced they achieved surplus energy output in a nuclear fusion experiment for the first time in history.
What was announced worldwide in “magna pompa” across the blogosphere and beyond was something like this:

My knee jerk reaction at first reading was to join the earthlings in the streets to rejoice and celebrate this milestone achievement for mankind!
Yet a shadow still remained in the back of my mind that maybe I should reach out to Ruggero and break the news to him that unfortunately he arrived second in this race for progress and that he should forget about continuing on with his ramblings and researches.

Before I was going to do that, I decided to do some more investigations and put in contest the results of this experiment:

Actual LLNL fusion experiment needs to improve its efficiency by about 100 times before ACTUAL net energy gain is achieved

If we move from LLNL in California over to Florida, we might learn about a small group of technicians and scientists who put together few Hadronic reactors, also called Dragon reactors, to test a different type of nuclear fusion. These are called dragons because reportedly one of them got so hot during on experiment that it melted and spit steam and molten metal all around, with great surprise of the nearby operators and eyewitnesses. Please don’t freak out about this last statement, fusion, unlike fission, doesn’t yield long lasting nuclear waste so end products are perfectly safe to handle or to spill without any danger to the environment (aside of course from the extreme heat generated).

The coulomb electrostatic barrier
The problem of nuclear fusion is that you need to bring atoms close together to be able to fuse and get energy out of the process, however the Coulomb barrier is hard to break through and it prevent protons from different atoms to come close together and “react” and fuse together:

What Ruggero does in his Dragon reactors is to create a neutroid, which is a particle made out of a proton and two electrons, thus being negatively charged (like a neutron but with an additional electron attached!).
However unstable this synthetic particle might be (half lifetime in the range of second(s)), this is plenty of atomic time for it to be attracted and reunite with nearby protons and atoms thanks to Coulombian ATTRACTION and fuse into heavier elements, thus achieving nuclear fusion spontaneously at commercially manageable pressures and temperatures:

This is what a Dragon power plant gen 1 pilot plant is going to look like:

EROEI is the only true currency of energy meaning that using electricity to heat stuff up is generally speaking a waste, at least until energy truly is too cheap to meter

You can see that this is not exactly a commercial fusion power plant either.
An order of magnitude cost for this could be anything between 200 to 700 KUSD / AD2022 material & installation costs.
It will produce just about few tens of useful KWel to the grid and with an auto consumption of about 20 to 40 KWel (or about 100 – 160 KW Heat generation capacity).

The important thing to note is that, however inefficiently, controlled nuclear fusion has already been experimentally achieved one DECADE ago and with minimum funding despite scores of armies of scientists in suits chasing the same results for decades at the cost of billion dollars.

I am using a matter-of-fact tone on my last paragraph, because I have no doubt about the results described in Ruggero’s papers.
There is also a possibility that I am deluding myself and Ruggero experiments are an extremely elaborated scam. If this was the case then this is how RMS Wikipedia page should be edited:

1) Ruggero Maria Santilli got a degree in physics.

2) He produces tens of prominent papers that have become foundational for many other researches and works.

3) He subsequently has a stint with another VIP scientists at Harward University (Steven Weinberg i believe) when he finds a way to reduce the neutron and its synthesis from a proton and an electron from first principle axioms of HM.

4) Being a sour loser in the neutron synthesis debate, Ruggero decides to go rogue and he continues his fringe (?) science research by investing personal and seed funding money in experiments, files for patents, builds machines, stranger machines, and even bizarre ones, sets up new companies, publishes more papers, etc for the sole purpose of conning other scientists in believing that a better theory and science exists and is at hand.

5) The companies set up by RMS eventually fold.

In the best of Italian tradition they are completely dissolved into acid for good, like when they dispose of the bodies of the “infami” (traitors).
My personal research suggests that a very strong sodium hydroxide solution is used to disolve bodies which is de facto a strong base, not an acid!!!

6) The mainstream academia cherishes the news and hurries to update the Wikipedia entries on RMS like Anton Ego with Gusteau, but Ruggero keeps researching, publishing and involving more people and collaborators around the world.

7) In AD 2023 he seals the deal with his destiny, he gets noticed by a small organization of futurologists.
Its gullible team falls for Ruggero’s sinister machinations and starts to believe there is credit to RMS research and machines and that there will be a role for these in mankind’s future.

8) The rest is history: The Torah Foundation publishes a post about Ruggero’s work, the notoriety and fame of the Italo-American self proclaimed scientist and de facto notorious villain and virtuoso scam artist goes through the roof.
Ruggero’s name is engraved in the hall of unfame for centuries to come, or whatever.

9) Mainstream academia takes the opportunity to furthermore slander Ruggero’s name on Wikipedia and other outlets just to make sure HM theory is relegated in the dustbin of human knowledge for 200 years, possibly more.

And yet it moves…
What is happening here is that we are in the middle of a Copernican revolution of science.

Ptolemaic VS Copernican astronomical system.
Courtesy of Wikipedia

We once used to believe that Earth was at the center of the Solar system and it worked just fine to predict the position of the Sun and Moon but it sucked at predicting the orbit of any other planet. This is Quantum Mechanic theory in its current state.

On the other end we have a candidate theory that rightly places the Sun at the center and all the other planets around it. In this new system all the planetary orbits and predictions simplify greatly. This is our candidate Hadron Mechanic theory challenging the old one.

It is our belief that what Ruggero is going through is something similar to what Galileo had to go through when he supported the Copernican system. The Church and other scientists of that time vehemently attacked and prosecuted him for his blasphemous theories that were at odds with the religious beliefs of that time.

Because nowadays scientists are somewhat more civilized than the ones back then, the attack is subtler and based on discrediting the adversary and relegating it into oblivion.
The fact remains that greater simplifications in formulas and predictability of experiments ensues and the theory is getting traction among more and more scientists who have scientific Truth and integrity at hearth.

Let the reader decide
Finally in this last video from RMS files and papers we can see how he went to great lengths to produce cunning machines and valid experimental results.

Of course there is also the possibility of this video being a deep fake with actors taken from the streets?

You choose.

Disclaimer for the love of serious science and scientists
Ruggero Maria Santilli (or RMS for short) makes no direct claim of achieving nuclear fusion but is quoting CERTIFIED LABORATORY REPORTS SIGNED BY THE LAB DIRECTOR.

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